Local UPS driver delivers packages and friendship

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    Local UPS driver delivers packages and friendship - Mitchell County Press

    Name the things that you can really count on with all certainty in your life. The old line goes "death and taxes."
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    I had the opportunity to cover a trip like hers for two months, lots of miles, very rural, with only a handful of pickups. Those were the best two months this year. I would drive down the roads and people would wave to you as they were walking to mailbox or down the road. What a tease it was for a newbie driver to cover such a wonderful trip.
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    Her center must not be on PAS or EDD yet, there is no such thing as a regular route. You just rush around in circles trying to make some sense of your load.
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    her center probably delivers the same number of packages in a day that CACH dispatches from its sort in 20 mins.

    i don't think they have a dire need to be on PAS/EDD.

    my centre is still on DIADIII (obviously no PAS/EDD) and we have routes with defined boundaries..