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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by retiredone, Oct 7, 2005.

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    I am trying to find a UPSer in the Corporate Office who will retire in the next few years and who has bought a lot in the Charleston area. This person has already entered a contract with an architect builder for construction of their home. I have some experience with this builder which might be of interest to you.
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    I work for UPS in Charleston and also have built some high end homes. If you need some help or direction, reach out for me.
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    Actually, I have purchased a lot and have contracted to build a home in Dunes West. The Architect/Builder that I used originally came in very high on the build portion (by about 25%). I understand that another UPSer has started a relationship with this builder and I wanted to warn them that they might encounter a big problem down the road. The builder does a great job, but price is out of sight and the initial contract is written to make exit more difficult as time goes on...
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    That's a beautiful area. I live across the road in Rivertowne CC. Also building another house on the course. Feel free to reach out for me if you need assistance.
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    You responded to a previous post on the web site. I just posted another inquiry regarding a referral for a PCP and dentist covered under UPS medical plan. Do you have any suggestions?