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    I am being processed for FT package driver. I lost my book. I've seen it here before but can someone post a link to view. My current rate as cover driver is 28.65 I wanna see what it will go up to and also what it will max to after my 2yr progression.
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    If you're going from cover driving to full time, you'll maintain the same pay rate.
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    You can download it to your phone also. I have a copy on my sd card on my phone. Always convenient to have info you may need on your phone, just in case you need it.
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    You could have done a google search and found it faster than posting on this site. I just don't get it.
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    If you go to any site that has it in PDF, send it to your open with iBook if you have an iPhone, you'll have it from there on out in your phone.
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    TDU is good for something! I apologize.