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    ok so i was looking through the contract and I am almost a yr in already ( well about 9.5 months ) and was looking for more possibilities then part time loading on the preload .. I mean i am really good at what i do i start 3:30 am get done around 845 I am 1 for every 5k misloads and get around 25 hrs a week .. but it feels like i could be doing more ..I took the part time supervisor test and passed it for a part time and a full time supe. I just need to do more then my measely 5 hours of loading .. 200.00 a week also isnt really helping ..loli just feel i have to make a move .. i was told there is a hiring freeze on all mangement jobs here in this area im guessing because of economy issues or whatever ..? so im thinking of these options :

    full time
    22.3 combo job
    irreg cart driver
    early air service driver leaves around 6- 6 30 and arrives back 11 30

    or something else of the sort .. not sure about jumping into management .. but it feels like my hands are tied .. im on excellent terms with my full time supe .. good friends .. and all .. just looking for opions and any other suggestions ?
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    Im a sup so i tend to advocate going into management even if its just to pad a resume, but about a month after i took a sup position i would have been able to bid into a 22.3 combo job and i would have taken that over the sup. Honestly i love being a sup but i also have a lot of great support from the uppers and from the hrlys, it all depends on what you want to do; if you want to go to school/ look into driving someday pt sup is the way to go. if not look into the ft combo jobs
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    You can only get one of those jobs if it it is up for bid. Even if it is, seniority rules. 9 1/2 months isn't a lot of time with the company.

    I believe though the ereg drivers are still preload and don't get any more hours than you would loading.
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    Irreg drivers work on all shifts
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    I know, but you're not going to make any more money than anyone else on the same shift, unless we're talking skilled versus unskilled. For the most part the hours will be about the same.
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    Be carefull with that one...
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    everyone says that on these boards i know you may have certain feelings and tendacies bacause what goes on in your building but really he isnt any of what all these other post say about managers.. he takes us out for breakfest , i mean hes a cool guy and acts on our level not like hes better then anybody at all either .. hes a good guy ..even when numbers werent made .. they were thinking of cutting hours but i still kept mine because he knows i do a good deal of work there ...and im good at it .. but honestly ..p/t supe seems the best way to go but job secruity is important to me also ... ? and about the seniority list .. my manager would put in an excellent word on my behalf too which ever way i decided .. there are ppl 5 yrs in that are real :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s and he doesnt egt along with who havent preogreesed at all even though they desperately want to.
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    Those lists are posted so everyone can see it. If you get a job from the same list as someone else with more seniority, you will not keep it. Managers have no right to go against the contract no matter how bad of a worker that employee may be. Every employee has to put in his time like everyone else.
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    Is the sup you are referring to a fairly new sup?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have to decide what it is that you want from UPS, whether it is going to be your career or whether you are using this job for the benefits and the tuition reimbursement while (if) you are going to school.

    If it is going to be your career, you then need to decide if you want to play for the good guys or the bad guys. JK. You need to decide if you want to pursue a career in mgt or in you want to remain an hourly with hopes of one day being able to race the truck. Your choice of career path is something that only you can decide and should be based upon all of those factors in your life (family, goals, personal life) that you hold important. As you stated above, there is currently a hiring freeze for management and, based upon current economics, it may very well be in place for quite some time, so that may play a part in your decision process.

    If you are just using UPS for the benefits and TR, there is nothing wrong with that. Stay in school and enjoy the spending money and free fitness program that we offer.

    My career at UPS began with a chance phone call to a friend of mine that I had been stationed with here in Plattsburgh. 19 years later I am still here and hoping that the last 11 go by just as quickly. 2 kids through college, solid retirement and strong compensation and benefit package.
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    I have seen it first hand ppl with less experienece get the better pulls and the more time and not get black balled like these few guys are from becoming drivers
    nope been here for 2 yrs
    great post...im not sure im single at 21 ..and at a cross road.. dont know if i want to pursue it for a career but for certain i want to transistion to making more or preogressing one way or the other.. i was offered and told it would be a great idea if i started at 1230-1 am and loaded 6 cars though around 2k pieces .. so that in effect seems like it will be a hell of a job ..seems extremely hard ..lol but it would come with an hour lunch break because i'd be over part time hours also.. i just seem so confused .. I'm sure whatever i came up with i could get into fairly soon .. I dont mean to brag at all but I am the best loader on this side of the building ( huge metro building ) but its the truth. Everyone cant even load the pkgs without a pal label on it and leave it out front the whole shift sometimes stacking up ... for about 20 cars I know about 90% of what pkgs go what trucks on that belt. no bragging at all Im humble as anything but I like to take pride in what I do. I even had my drivers tell me theyd match my salary as ap/t supe to stay laoding their trucks ..lol..i just dont know ... but i ned to venture a bit more out it seems like im wasting away some potential too
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My son just turned 21 and is still trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. He is going to community college and delivering pizza for now so I know what you are going through at this point in your life.

    Are there any veteran drivers who you feel that you can talk to? If so, ask them for their advice but, ultimately, it is your decision to make.

    Best of luck to you.
  13. pkg handler

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    yea i talk to two of my drivers everyday .. the one guy has a center city bascily route and it only has around 170pieces daily.. seems damn easy ..its just he walks alot in the city..doesnt seem so bad to me.. lol but then theres the guy with 380 pieces with 100 of the being air letters
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Actually, both of those areas sound cake. Last Wednesday I had 140 stops, 400 delivered, 28 P/U stops w/200 picked up, 60 miles, and was punched out at 1830 with a 0850 start which included a 45 min lunch and 10 min break.
  15. pkg handler

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    yea they do sound easy compoared to that lol
  16. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    A sup for 2 years? That isn't a very long time. Also, 10 months part-time is enough to get a 22.3 bid these days? UPS is just about finsihed fufilling their commitment to 10k new full-time jobs, so that's probably not going to happen unless you're VERY VERY lucky. If you're in a small center and a 22.3 bid comes along, anything's possible. But even in the hub here it's been averaging 4-5 years part-time at least to get in.

    Your best bet is to start saturday or EAM air part time and maybe get a full-time driving job down the road...at that point Then you should be able to( at least in our region) bid into a 22.3 if you'd rather work inside or work a different job.

    If you're using UPS as a stepping stone, good idea try part-time management for awhile if you don't want to make this your career. Especially since it seems you get along with the management team.

    I have almost 7 years in, and feel very lucky to have recieved a 22.3 bid 2 years ago....4 people failed the DOT or driving test and the job fell into my lap in good fortune...they don't come easy in these parts anyway.
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    Do you driver release? I'd be calling for help like it was going out of style.
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    well most of p/t loaders and all here are young kids who are basicly here for some extra money or not here for that long at all in the first place.. some other are trying to drive but not a good number are trying to do anything more and seem contempt at where they are
  19. upsgrunt

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    Some of the ones I know sure seem CONTEMPT for sure---Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    heheh... I didn't want to go there, but it sure is ironic!:peaceful: