Looking to start career flying for UPS.



I am a 20 year old commercial pilot with instrument rating and a certified flight instructor certificate for single engine land airplanes. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a pilot, a pilot for UPS. I don't know why I have always wanted to fly for UPS, but it has always been a dream of mine. I am looking for suggestions for the best course of action to get to where I want to be someday...the left seat of a B757/767 or B747. Is there anyone that can point me into the right direction. I would appreciate any help.


Andrew Wilkens


proppilotaw, I too have thought about flying for UPS and the only advice I can offer is to simply apply.

You failed to mention how much time you have? I'm quite positive you'll need a few thousand hours to even get and interview, much less hired. I don't think they are hiring at all right now. They do have orders for more Scarebuses but I have heard they are grounding the 747s in a few years (they aren't painting them in the new scheme)

Go to www.jetcareers.com , it's ran by a Delta MD-88/90 First Officer. He has alot of info for prospective pilots.

The address to send your app to is below:
United Parcel Service
Workforce Planning Manager
UPS Flight Operations
Human Resources
802 Grade Lane, Louisville, KY. 40213
Boeing 727/Boeing 747/Boeing 757/Boeing 767/DC-8

Good Luck!



First you got to load trailers and/or sort packages as a part-timeer for 10 to 15 years like the rest of us did...soooooo "GET IN LINE SUUUUUUUUN !!!"

hahaha..just kidding !

20 years old!!! damn, you aren't even old enough to "drive" for UPS much less fly for them !!

Okay..here's a real cool idea (I think)
Go apply for a part time position and get your 30 days in. Then go enlist in the active Air Force for 5 years. When they send you to basic..go get your "Military Leave of absence" for the five years, so when you get out you still have your job plus your seniority at UPS. Make sure you get in as a pilot while in the Air Force and not as some jet engine mechanic. This way you can accumulate your flying hours and it looks real good on the UPS app when you get back. You may or may not get the UPS pilot job before a "new" off the street hire but it's a good chance you'll get first dibs since your already part time. And I'm not sure if your vacation time will be given to you for the five years of your leave since you didn't actually accrue those hours working at UPS....
I know this all sounds like a bunch of bull*&^%$,
but I'd be curious as to how it turns out for ya...
Let me know...Hahahaha

If I wasn't much help, at least I hope I was a bit funny...
What do ya think Tie..was it funny???


heh heh


Thanks! I appreciate all of your suggestions. I am talking with the head guy of the Rockford, IL air hub to work on developing a group of contacts for my network. I have 350 hours TT, but it's gradually getting higher.

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You should be pleased to know that Rick Barr sent a letter to IPA Pres. Bob Miller yesterday stating that the company so no need to furlough anyone through the end of 2004. Then throught the rumor mill is word of hiring new pilots. Who knows?! Get your app in! Good luck