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    I was wondering how an emloyee would get into the LP field at UPS. I have been working in my hub for almost 2 years and I want to do something different. I have a degree in Criminal Justice. I originally wanted to be a driver but don't know how much longer I can wait. I have asked my HR dept and managers but each seems to give me a different answer and the run around. Would i have to become a pt supe first? Any pointers or help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Fredless

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    I'd first get into management..

    then figure out how you can lie to employee's faces especially on the statements that every LP i've delt with has said "if you write this statement for me, it will only help your case."

    and then sleep at night.
  3. NJLady

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    its a management position and I doubt you would make it into LP right away. andIts full time not part time.
  4. Lots of security departments have part-time positions available. You should find out who the security rep is for your building and talk to him/her. They might be able to tell you a little more about position availability and who else you could talk to. Then, you should try a make contact with the security manager. Introduce yourself, tell them about your degree, let them know your interested in security. Also, if you are truly interested in making a change, then you will need to submit a letter of interest for a full-time managment position. HR should be able to help you with that. Good luck!
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    Here, first you have to be p/c driver that bitches about dispatches dailey. Then, when they up your mar, you make it. Then you bitch about it some more. Then when they up your mar, you make it again. Then you bitch about it some more. Then when they up your mar again, you make it...and so on.

    Well, YOU KNOW WHAT?

    Suddenly, you're a supervisor!!!! And you know what else? You're in LP!!!! And when your fellow (former) drivers (me he, he), call you, "007", you're :censored2:!!!! "Don't call me that!!!" Sorry, Bond, I mean XXXX.

    Go for it!!!!!!
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    I did write a letter of interest months ago. My slow supe took 3 months to finally hand it in and do my assesment. Next I am supposed to take some sort of test. Well my HR lady quit recently and I go see the new guy and ask him. He tells me i am not interested and tells me i have to take this up with my supe and then walks out of his office.

    I am not even sure anyone read my letter of interest. I think they just wanted me to become a pt sup, which I really do not want to unless I have to in order to get to LP.
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    You need to turn in a letter of intent. You can get one off of UPSERS.COM, it is pdf form I think. The steps are online. But before you go to LP know that it is a thankless job and you will be disliked by most.
  8. disneyworld

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    I believe any letter of intent expires on Dec 31 every year and a new has to be submitted. LP work long hours for little money.
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    Not at my old hub in Illinois. That one had at least one part-time LP supe. I worked for him in the operation. Classy guy. Didn't see much of him after he went LP, though. -Rocky
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    Years ago when I was a part time high pick off, the guy filling in for the low pick one night was busted stealing porn mags. He caved to LP like Chunk in The Goonies​

    The Goonies - Chunk confesses to the Fratellis.​

    He attempted to implicate everyone on the belt (save the pt supe who is now in LP :rolleyes: ) and we got called into the office 1 by 1.
    A stack of videotapes on the desk and a speech about "the investigation we've had ongoing for a while. You can come clean and we might be able to save your job."​

    I replied with, "Fire up the vcr and pop some corn fellas, but all we're gonna see is a guy who works too hard for too little money."​

    I'm quite certain it was a bluff.​