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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by exemery, Feb 1, 2006.

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    How about an update on the new building? We've heard up here in Dayton that by the end of the month there will be up to 30 trucks with deferred freight sent there daily. By April, much more will be coming.
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    Is this just a rumor or something that you know to be true? The plan seems to be changing from week to week. Last I heard was that the dayside operation we be starting in April and the nightside operation would start up a month later. Maybe they're going to start processing that freight in our existing building. They've still got a lot of inside work to do to the new building, but a majority of the outside is done. Looks like they have most of the belts, doors, electrical done on the inside. Is the freight coming from Dayton at the end of the month going to be already built up or is it going to be loose. Oh and they're getting ready to send sups and admins up to Dayton for training for 6 weeks. Do you think they will be any hard feeling towards them? Any other info you have would be appreciated and I will share any updates as well.
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    I was told by a couple of truck drivers about the freight moving there at the end of the month. The freight will be loose and will need to be sorted. It's possible that it will not be heavyweight. As far as hard feelings are concerned, many of us have been here for 25 years and am about to lose our jobs. One can only expect hard feelings, but the way I look at it is life goes on. Most of us old-timers have families to support and the job market isn't so good here. At least UPS is going to pay 2 months insurance,1 week for every year,2 weeks, vacation & descretionary days. All that will help as they probably don't have to do that. Thank you for the update(s).