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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by tahoepickup, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. tahoepickup

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    Does anyone have any stories of a love connection on this board :-) C'mon, wouldn't it be great to hear one?
  2. deliver_man

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  3. upsdude

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    I think tieguy and kidlogic may have something going on.
  4. ups_vette

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    That is very perceptive of you. I sorta thought the same thing. Ya know, that old love/hate relationship thing.
  5. local804

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    Sounds very interesting...I think you have a very good point.<~~~~~~~Kid n Tie
  6. tahoepickup

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    Sounds interesting... I'm new to the board so I'm not familiar with the members yet. Maybe tieguy and kidlogic will post on this board and clear it up for us
  7. browndude

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    my vote on this is NO too
  8. tahoepickup

    tahoepickup Guest

    Why the "no" vote? Maybe you have a good story... Are you just being tight-lipped about it?
  9. toonertoo

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    IT would be great to hear of one happening. Wrong board, wrong site, wrong job. Not likely to happen to anyone on here. Nice thought though
  10. upsdude

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    This could be a topic for another thread, but I did meet my wife through UPS. My wifes parents owned a womens clothing store that I hated to deliver to. Couldnt park near the door, had to carry boxes up the steps and place them in a very cramped storage area. One good thing though, I didnt have to suffer through a Meet the Parents situation when we started dating, I already knew them! LOL! We first met in late 87 and were married in 90.
  11. browndude

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    i don't kiss and tell!
  12. tahoepickup

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    See, that's the kind of post I was looking for. I just couldn't believe that most of the posts on this board have been negative, disgruntled complaints about UPS. We can have inspriring stories too! Maybe the next time someone delivers a package, there might just be a little inspiration to go ahead and have a smile... who knows, there just might be someone special just around the corner waiting for them
  13. upslocal480

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    I doubt we'll ever hear about love connections resulting in visiting this board but I have always suspected some people were already in love...WITH UPS! Everyone I know that is married does nothing but bitch about their wives...well...I visit this board and a similarity stands out. Ha ha just messin.
  14. clarkie

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    So Tahoe...are you trying to make a love connection with your driver???
  15. tahoepickup

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    Are you psychic?
  16. rushfan

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    No stories about a love connection on this board. Man, in my center, we have had at least 5 couples meet compliments of ups. Just this year we have had 3 get married.
  17. tahoepickup

    tahoepickup Guest

    For all you UPS hunks out there!
  18. over9five

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    Its so true!! I have to carry a plastic whiffle ball bat to keep these horny women away!! Ive had to have multiple restraining orders served!! This brown chick-magnet uniform is a curse!
  19. sillygirl

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    I've always felt the same way about the brown uniforms... Been trying to get my husband in them for years. However, my husband is not turned on by my browns He calls me Timmy...
  20. antimatter

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    In addition to the "chick magnet" Brown uniform, I am also saddled with a personality that won't quit! :-)

    I feel like one of the Beatles sometimes! (Not the dead ones). :-)