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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by tahoepickup, Aug 19, 2003.

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    Why Tahoe I'm sure I don't know, I've only heard about these strange service offerings.
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    Its a shame that some drivers will throw their lives/wives/family to the wind for a quickie, but it happens too often.

    Had one driver here that thought he was a real sex symbol (kinda like Antimatter claims to be) and there were several women that enjoyed his "single" action at this one stop. Problem is, one of them wanted him to leave his wife for her and he wouldnt.

    Then during several times he was "performing" (I guess during his lunch hour) she recorded his act.

    She then sent the vidios to Atlanta and asked if they would please do something about his behavior, that she didnt feel that he should be masterbating in public at her place of business.

    Anybody care to guess how this one ended?

    Stupid stupid stupid.

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    I hope you do write the book about UPS stories. Over the years I've heard many from naked housewives answering the door to just fill in the blank ________! Most have left those hearing the story ROTFLTAO!

    Best one I ever heard was a driver went to the door for delivery and the door was open so he knocked on the screen. A man spoke out saying to come on in. The driver walked into a laundry room and into the kitchen where the guy had his wife on the table and he was gettin' some "shakey puddin." This was before diads and the guy signed for the package and never missed a stroke if you know what I mean. It took the driver the rest of the day to finally believe he had experienced what he thought he had. He finally took a light hearted approach to the whole thing and from then on he'd say a postman will go through wind rain and snow but I'll go through an orgasm! We hit the floor on that one.
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    There once was a driver, a lady (?) driver who liked to indulge herself at a particular stop. While she would dally, an employee at that business would put on some browns and deliver 30 to forty stops in the area. The employee would return and the driver would leave to make the rest of her deliveries. This went on for a while. Just by chance a delivery record audit showed the driver had two completly different hand writings. How could that be? Well...the story is history...and so was the driver...
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    Why did they fire the driver when she was just servicing the customer?

    Should have put her in customer service since she had a history of "laying down" for the customer!
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    Not to mention she probably increased the real estate values in the area she delivered.
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    Gee, I wonder what kind of tips these drivers get during the holidays... I'm sure they get something no matter if they're "naughty or nice"

    BTW, my driver just reminded me that Christmas is only 5 weeks away. Has anyone started on their shopping list yet?
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    Not only have I started, everything I've bought is already wrapped
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    Christmas presents are all bought & wrapped. Christmas cards are all addressed, stamped and some have newsletters in them. Don't you just hate those newsletters? Sometime, I'd like to get one that told the naked, my daughter had a baby out of wedlock and my son is still in's his second strike. My husband is a drunken bastard and I'm experimenting with heroine.
    Anyway, I digress.....I'm ready for Christmas....bring it on!!!
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    Anyone else out ther who waits to the very last minute?

    I was once thinking of joining the procratinators club but I just never got around to it!
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    Wife and I are both off Thurs and Fri. Going to shop till we drop Thurs and finish. Fri we'll go over to the Inlaws house (where we hide the goods) to wrap presents and drink cocktails.
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    almost every woman i dated after i went driving i met on area. had a young lady who lived with me when i lived on area, really put the "OO" in nooner. i met my 1st wife on area. there is something about a man in uniform. they immediately know you are gainfully employeed, mostly likely not a criminal, or at least you never got caught. it was a much better meeting place than any club i ever went to. by the way, i'm still married to my 1st wife. ;)
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    Why do you refer to your wife as your "1st wife?" Is there going to be a 2nd, 3rd, 4th...?
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    8up that uniform thing must have some truth to it.I'd say half of my dates have come from those chance encounters while on the job.Some of the women I think just want a guy that they know can get along with a wide range of people,and they must get a sense that we kind of fit that criteria.For me,it seems to happen in streaks or just times and places that a guy would never expect anything interesting to happen.Unless of course one has to deliver to one of the big shopping malls where it seems the law of supply and demand must just take over.I can't ever remember a time when those darn indoor malls weren't just crawling with what seemed like a hundred women to every workin' man.
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    Nothing that exciting for me, best (or worst) I ever got was naked, or half covered, men coming to the door thinking I was the regular "guy", and then being all flustered when I wasn't. While they are trying to cover themselves, I just give em the board, tell them to sign, nothing I havent seen before. But then there are the women who think I am the regular guy, and show up naked at the door and thats no big thrill for me either, usually its not all that great of a sight, but i can see that the women do just wait for you studleys.
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    I'm on the wrong area. I just get large bearded women answering the door.
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    ROFL. That reminds of one. Woman lived in an apartment building.Doorman usually signs for all packages in the building. I get a message that the women in one apartment who would get tons of stuff from home shopping wanted to talk to me. I go knock on the door and the lady answers it. She had to be about 6 ft 3 and weigh about 350 lbs. It appeared she was wearing some type of sheer full length garment with nothing underneath. I made the perfect delivery that day. I made eye contact at all times and at least one foot stayed in the hallway at all times.
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    Tooner I loved that!I've never stumbled on to a naked woman during any delivery and being how winter is just around the corner here in the cheese state I doubt I will anytime soon either.There was one time where I had to get a signature on a DELL computer box and realized upon ringing the doorbell that I had unwittingly interrupted a couple in the midst of a "love connection",and the guy was not to happy signing that DIAD.As I walked back to the truck about three houses down here comes the next UPS guy walking up to the same guy's house with the second DEll package and I just had to stop and watch and I almost fell down laughing as I could hear the guy cussing out my poor unsuspecting loopmate.He catches up to me shaking his head in disbelief ready to hit me for not warning him and well...can you guess?That's right.Around the block comes the 12A car with the THIRD DELL box and let me tell you if anyone in the surrounding homes had actually been asleep before he got to the guy's door they sure as heck weren't afterward.The look on that driver's face as that guy in his godawful leopard spotted underwear launched into the biggest tirade was just too much to take.The three of us were laughing so hard it must have been a half-hour before any of us could get back to concentrating finishing the work we had left to do.

    The guy has moved to four different houses in my eight years of doing this and the look on his face when he see's me is so darn funny.It's like he's paranoid one of us will screw up another one of his "nooners"!Who said this job couldn't provide entertainment?
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    Oh the women in sheer nightgowns, or usually thread bare disney, usually tweety shirts, with drippings of food all over the front. They yell for you to come in...... Eye contact, you betcha...., if I was a guy and saw any more on these gems, I would probaly be impotent for weeks. Beards on women, Oh never.......mind I cant say it.