Major Bridge collapse in St. Paul MN

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 1BrownClown, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Just saw on the news that there was a major bridge collapse in St. Paul MN. From the news reports I saw at least one UPS feeder truck (pup) was part of this disaster and overturned. Lets all pray that the feeder driver and all who where involved in this collapse are OK.
  2. automaticP1300

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    Hey 1Brown,
    I saw the same footage and from what I can tell it looks to be a UPS Freight vehicle (pup). I may be wrong, but no matter who it is let's hope he or she is OK.
  3. Sammie

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    Not looking good...
  4. DS

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    It sounds horrible,I found a St.Paul message board,and theres some good local info.
  5. Unfortunately Carolina you are not wrong that is indeed a UPS Freight tractor and pup. I am sure that we all hope and pray that the driver is ok. And that we will all keep the people of the twin cities in our thoughts and prayers.
  6. browned out

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    Thoughts and prayers are with all involved and God's speed to the rescue crews.
  7. blue efficacy

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    Correction it is in Minneapolis, not Saint Paul.

    And yes, I immediately noticed the UPS freight trailer in the wreckage :sad:
  8. Hi! My hubby knows the driver, and he did survive. You may see him on the national news, he's the man without a shirt with an ace bandage wrapped around his mid-section of his body. He looked really sore, and shook up. I don't know the extent of his injuries. I will try to find out later and post.

    Please pray for everyone involved.

  9. thom1842

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    I work at the MSP Air Gateway in Minneapolis and my supervisor told us there were two feeders involved with the bridge and I know the driver from the feeder that was in most pictures and video coverage is fine, he wasn't sure about the other driver.

    I was eating dinner when it happened and one of the first things I saw on the aerial shots was the tipped feeder, I was very relieved when I heard he was alright. The whole city and metro area are just crazy right now and traffic is a mess, the bridge over the Mississippi was a major freeway and serviced about 105,000 vehicles every day during rush hour.

    Casualties so far are 4 people confirmed dead, 79 injured, and 20-30 people reported missing. Estimates are that 50 vehicles are still in the Mississippi River and rescue teams are expecting to recover more victims.
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    Now the radical muslims are saying, "Praise Allah! Allah collapsed the bridge!"

    I'd like to say, "Look up in the sky at the big bomb Allah is bringing you, you murderous SOB's." :mad:

    Maybe they didn't do it, but they are celebrating the "infidel" deaths.
  11. thom1842

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    They authorities have 99% ruled out a terrorist attack. The bridge had a catastrophic failure.

    I work at the Minneapolis Air Hub and our supe told us the feeder driver was fine, but taken to the hospital with some minor cuts. It is incredible and very surreal, I drove over that bridge all the time to get places. The reports as of now are 4 dead, 79 injured, and 20-30 reported missing. The missing people are likely trapped in their cars under the water of the Mississippi, and the rescue teams are attempting to recover them but are having trouble diving with the currents and low visibility.
  12. moreluck

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    Thom 1842....I know it wasn't terrorists, but the idiot terrorists rejoice at our catastrophes and deaths. That's just disgusting.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    There was a report that the bridge "pancaked" upon a lower bridge, does anyone know if this true? That aerial shot of the collapsed highway is unreal!!!!
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    And we as a society keep welcoming them into our country. They are not like us, don't think like us, don't act like us, and frankiy don't care about us. They rejoice when something tragic happens to Americans which just shows their level of humanity.
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    And then they start pipe bombing our parenting clinics...... Oh,wait thats a different religious fanatic.

    Anything,taken to fanaticism,is bad.
  16. thom1842

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    The bridge fell on a road that runs along the river on both sides, it landed ona couple of train cars but no one was hurt there.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Just like when the movie "JAWS" came out, everyone was paranoid about swimming into the ocean. Now many of us who drive across even a short span bridge will run a scenario in our minds about if this bridge were to collapse....especially if you're stuck in traffic!
  18. Sammie

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    It's too bad we can't keep up on road repairs. This collapsed bridge was rated as trouble back in 1990...And the fact that there are 77,000 bridges in our country that are known to be as "structurally deficient" as the one we're discussing, with over a thousand of them in Minnesota alone, is sobering.

    When I lived in the Bay Area, I got the willies every time I crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge. (I'm not a fan of bridges or water..) Can't imagine what those poor people went through...
  19. ups_vette

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    Sammie,, Your definition of "structurally deficient" is incorrect and misleading.

    A one lane bridge is defined as structurally deficient.

    A bridge that doesn't give a driver a clear view of it being there, such as when it's immediately around a sharp curve in the road is defined as structurally deficient.

    A bridge which is suficient for current traffic, but wil not be sufficient for projected future traffic is defined as structurally deficient.

    The vast majority of those 77,000 bridges you refered to are small one lane bridges, or bridges over small streams on curvey country back roads.

    A bridge classified as structurally deficient does not necessarly mean the bridge is in immediate danger of falling down, as in the case of the I35 bridge in Mn..
  20. Sammie

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    Pardon me for not having completing my structural engineering degree, UPS_Vette, but that term keeps leaping out all over the place as I read about this terrible event -