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    Hi im new to this website and have a question about making book. I started with this company as a pt sorter and after a year and a half i was moved up to driver. I started in september of this year and worked 27 days towards senority until the freeze. After xmas i worked my 3 days and was told by another driver to go into the office on monday and see what my status is. When i asked my shop steward about this he told me i would have to work another 40 under the new contract,but was told by every1 else that i should be ok. I also remember hearing something about working 30 in days within 60 or 90 days i dont know im confused and any info on this topic would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    YOu need to make 30 in 90. If you don't you start over. AFter the new year we have to follow the new contracts non economic rules. I'm pretty sure it goes up to 60 days.
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    your wrong first you have 27 days thats good you check all your pay stubs and keep track IF YOU HAVE EVEN 30 days at driver pay NOT AIR DRIVER. 30 DAYS IN 180 DAYS YOUR IN . GO UPSER .COM GO TO MY LIFE AND CAREER AND LOOK UP ALL YOUR PAYS IT HAS THE LAST 60 CHECKS AND SEE IF YOU HAVE EVEN 1 DAYS DRIVING PAY . YOU NEED 30 IN 180 THATS THE facts. BELIEVE ME I kNOw.:anxious::wink2:
  4. if you started in sept your days shouldn't stop counting just cuz u overlap into the free period ur mgr will tell you so but file or at least call the BA and ask him to make some calls to get you righted