Man Found Innocent After His Three Dogs Maul UPS Delivery Driver


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Man Found Innocent After His Three Dogs Maul UPS Delivery Driver - KDKA

Matthew Zavarella walked out of District Justice Helen Kistler’s courtroom found not guilty on three summary counts related to a savage dog attack on UPS driver Ami Demi in August 2018.

Zavarella’s three attack-trained German shepherds mauled Demi as the woman was delivering a letter to Zavarella’s Penn Township residence.

Demi testified about the incident.

“I pulled up, beeped the horn,” said Demi. “The first dog came right at me. I said, ‘Oh my God.’ The dog ripped my calf open, it looked like a shark bite. The two other dogs followed. The attack felt like forever. I’m here to deliver a letter, that’s my job. His hob to make it safe for a delivery person to get that to him.”

Wednesday’s proceedings, however, centered on Zavarella violating the state’s dog containment statue.


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What a crap lawyer she must have..... All they could get from him was 50k?!?! He’d be selling his house if his dogs took a shark bite out of me.


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If you read the article he was only found innocent of having the dogs on his property; their local containment laws. I can see how it would be hard to prove him guilty if they were in his own yard depending on how the wording of the law is stated. Now the lawsuit for pain in suffering, hopefullly he'll lose that one painfully.