Man off street Bumps 3 yr upser

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mossified, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. mossified

    mossified It will buff out

    I am currently a 3 yr brownie, 2 1/2 yr local sorter and the being a utility driver. Recently a man off the street was p/u to be a seasonal driver "first one in the history of the center" yet he continues to go out everyday on route while i am stuck still in the local sort. This one is tough to swallow! I was on route all the time before this peak driver came about. I'm told i just have to wear it. :mad: Has anyone experienced the same?
  2. brett636

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    Get with your union steward because it sounds like a grievance you can easily win.
  3. mossified

    mossified It will buff out

    The Union steward said I'm pretty much screwed because anything after Oct 1st is considerd peak. So management can run it how they want.
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'm not 100% sure about how things works as far as "seasonal drivers" are concerned. I'm a little confused on the whole free period thing. Is it Nov-Dec or Oct-Dec?? Here they will ONLY hire a seasonal driver if there aren't enough full-time AND part-time cover drivers. If you management team is already hiring them and keeping you in the building then that is wrong. Whether it is covered by the contract or not. But then again what do you expect. It is management we are talking about here. Do the right thing? LOL.
  5. mossified

    mossified It will buff out

    I'm told its Oct- Dec, and come December he will be gone. But i'm finished with school and i stuck around with UPS after they gave me a utility driver position. Then i just suddenly get the shaft! The plan is to get this driver trained on a bunch of routes and give him a helper for peak to pound out Res all day. Then let him go in Dec...
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    Yep, in my 16 years at Ups and being a driver for 13 of that. I have seen this happen during PEAK. The free period does start in Oct. Bad as it is, pretty much everything is out the door during "Free Period". Management will do whatever they deem necessary to make service. Not saying I agree with it, but that's how it's been done since I started.
  7. hoser

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    i don't think the hire is an issue. it's whether or not he's kept on. does your contract allow you to switch out of sorting in peak season--october to return to it in off peak--january?

    it makes perfect operational sense to keep the sorter on the sort and hire an external to drive temporarily.
  8. I myself am a casual driver hired in July who has been working everyday and averaging 5-10 hours OT per week. I don't know if I'm displacing anyone with more UPS seniority than me, but I want a paycheck. I've been told from management and other drivers that as long as I work harder and better than others, I will be hired full-time after the holiday season. I don't mean to imply that you are being out-performed by this new driver, but maybe he's really productive. I'm sure if you can handle the job and have a history with UPS, you'll have a full time driving position sooner or later. At least in my area, that's how it seems to work.
  9. over9five

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    "it makes perfect operational sense to keep the sorter on the sort and hire an external to drive temporarily."

    UNLESS, the sorter is making less money by staying on the sort. Then it is just plain wrong. Get your steward off his a**, and make him do something.
  10. Gman24

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    Again, I don't agree with it. BUT, the steward will be wasting his time. He can try and fight it till he is red in the face, he will not win. I've seen this time and time again during the "free period". Outside the free period (January-Sept.) he will have a win-able grievience, UNLESS it is time for an outside hire. You know the 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 ratio, whichever it is.
  11. tieguy

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    The guy might be an off the street hire per the contact.
  12. Did you win a utility driver bid or does your building just use part timers to cover when needed? If you won a utility driver bid and were performing the work regularly then you should definitely have a winnable grievance.
    It's one thing to hire temps. to cover extra work during peak, but to hire them to perform work already being regularly performed by a seniority employee is a definite contract violation.
  13. DorkHead

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    When a permanent full time job opens up, UPS has to hire, I believe, on a 5 to 1 ratio. For every 6 jobs that open up, 5 have to be filled from within part time to 1 from off the street
  14. Dutch Dawg

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    Rest assured you are not the first one to have this happen. At this point you need to ask yourself "Is a full time driver position worth waiting for after peak?" If you believe it is, then you need to approach supervision and inquire civilly if that's going to become reality. Bear in mind that you can host a pity party all through peak on the sort. But all that'll win you is a popularity contest among your peers and diminish the chances to meet your ultimate goal. Good luck

    The challanges that UPS presents don't build character in a person, it only reveals it.
  15. hoser

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    From an operational perspective (which is pivotal in defending UPS' actions), the sorter is skilled and knows what he's doing. Keep him on that during peak volume. Get a guy off the street to drive temporarily, as you're getting rid of him. They don't hire sorters just so they can go to another classification during the sorting high-time.

    Not saying anyone is right or wrong, I'm just trying to pitch this from the businesses' standpoint.
  16. CTOTH

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    Out-performed or not, there are specific guidlines outlined in the contract that company need to adhere to, none of which include production numbers. Seniority is addressed and it seems like the steward should be all over this.
  17. mossified

    mossified It will buff out

    Thats what i thought! The center i work out of has never hired a seasonal driver EVER. This is the first one. So while this guy is getting called to work, I just get **** on buy big brown.
    I would love to get the work to gain the experience at any route, yet this guy gets it and UPS will cut him, back to the street late Dec or early Jan. The Utility lineman school i've been thinking about is becoming closer and closer within reach if i don't get anytime time behind the wheel!
  18. SmithBarney

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    So a driver is unskilled? Granted the skill of a loader is invaluable. but to
    Spend the $$ to train a driver (I once heard $2500+ is the estimated cost of training), just to let them go? That doesn't add up. I would say its more likely that the 6:1 ratio hit the outside hire point, and the outside hire has bumped the amount of utility driver hours from the p/t driver.

    However, if he was actually hired as a seasonal and not a 6:1 F/T hire, then I would say that you should have the right to bump the driver. Until enough work allows both of you to work.
  19. LKLND3380

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    As I understand it they can hire anyone off the street after Oct 1 for peak... I also understand the contract allows for UPS to hire a percentage of NEW HIRE NON PEAK DRIVERS off the street each year...
  20. drako2

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    if you have less senority then anyone else that is bidding for the same job then it doesn't matter how hard you bust your :censored2:. you will still NOT get the job. looks like management lied to you. (what a shock)