Man tries to blow up house is UPS contractor...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by avoidbrown, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Man tries to blow up his house is a UPS contractor. They worked this guy to death, driving his marriage down to nothing, just like every other UPS manager. In fact at UPS they actually call this a "Scherrandy"! Like a Munson(King Pin), we use this term at UPS when you care more about your job then your wife and family!
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    Umm, welcome to browncafe, but I dont think anyone will have any idea what you are talking about...No link attached....Clarify Please..
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    Two questions-Where in the story did it say he worked for UPS and second just what was he supposedly "contracted" to do?
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    Also you might want to register to have a little more credibility.
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    Sounds like this guy had major personal issues, and a real class act (based on the expletives) in the media. Tp put the blame on UPS - you're stretching on that one. UPS doesn't work their contractors to death. They can do that on their own, based on their skills
  6. plus it doesn't even say he worked at UPS anywhere in the article
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    Of course not. Do you know that each district has a HR person that is responsible for media relations? In other words, they have to be freinds with the local news outlets and do everything they can to keep the UPS name out of negative press. Unless it is a major incident, most of the time the UPS brand will not make it into bad press.
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    Obviously a conspiracy. The fact that this guy may have been a contractor for UPS is of such importance to the general public in Louisville that I can't believe they would not use several seconds of air time with that info. What ever happened to the First Amendment?
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    this sounds more like a matter of personal values to me than a flaw in the institution...