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    As a two year part-time supervisor my sort had given us a book titled Safety 24/7, and tasked us with reading and writing a book report. However, they just want to hear what we read, not take any suggestions whatsoever about improving the safety of our workforce. The longer I work here the more I realize this company will spend a dollar to save a nickel.
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    And that Safety is just a 6 letter word! It has no meaning.
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    I'm on the safety committee and its a joke. We have members bring up good points where safety is an issues but the issue always ends up getting push off to the side. Their solution, is always "do a handout". Lol. Whatever.
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    Yep, I love when they do that at our building and you walk by the trashcan that is right inside the door and its filled with those papers.
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    I was on the safety committee back when it meant something. I was a part time inside employee at the time. The hub manager who ran the whole building actually came to the meetings and stuff actually got fixed.

    The train drivers are playing chicken, smashing into each other, hopping off the train while it's still going full speed, etc. Train drivers pulled into the office and it stopped.
    Packages are falling off this belt & coming close to hitting people below. Come in the next day & sheet metal has been welded--problem fixed.
    This pneumatic diverter is malfunctioning & is going to kill someone. Two days later brand new one installed.

    Now most of the CHSP committees have been disbanded. The one in the sort I used to work on only has 3 members (down from 12) and no one comes to the meetings except the 3 members.

  6. Same in my building, the book was the worst thing I ever read. I joined the committee to try and make a difference, sadly I realize the chsp is mostly for show.
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  8. UPS preloader. Do you mind if I steal your Sig. It will be for my resignation as safety champion.
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    I'm honored... Permission Granted!
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    Yeah they got :censored2: at me the other day when I said you don't care about my safety when I am not at work

    So the book should say we only care when you are punched in
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    Our center, like others in our building use safety members doing observations to shuttle misleads and basicly do nothing for 8 hours while 10 or more routrs go over 10 hours...Makes me sick!!

  12. The book tries to bring you to the conclusion of being safe is your own idea, but the title really should be "safety 4ish/5"
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    Aaaah, memories.
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    If they want me to read a book and write a report, its going to happen while I'm on the clock.

    This isnt junior high.
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    Safety committees exist so when OSHA asks if we have safety committees the answer can be yes.
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    Safety 24/7 is just like the focus group meetings. Where suggestions will be taken under advisement. The only time chamge happens is when an injury happens.
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    Wrong. Even when their are injuries nothing is done.
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    Any TEAMSTER out doing observations on a fellow Teamster should be reported to the UNION asap !!! Sounds like a NAZI collaborator !! They hung the Vichy French for that !!
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