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    Made my first visit to the dentist today as a retiree.
    There are some major changes from employee coverage to retiree coverage.
    ​Preventive maintenance is still 100% 2 times a year
    Maximum insurance per year is $1000 down from $2500.
    Dental medical - 50% copay up from 20%.
    There were others but this is what I remember.

    Luckily, I have not had a cavity since I was 19 so my visit today was covered 100%.
    My wife has pretty teeth but problems with them even though she takes really, really good care of them.
    She usually goes $2000 over each year when the max was $2500 ... now I need to budget for $3500 out of pocket.

    Not a major deal and the first major snag I "learned" while in retirement.
    Just something to be aware of if you are planning for retirement.
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    it's always something.............
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Yes it is!
    ​Especially if the provider is dead-set on saving money anyway they can.
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    It is starting to sound like it doesn't really matter whether I stay in the company plan or am moved to TeamCare...