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    News from Atlanta infers that due to the ERI Survey Corporate is going to enhance the management plan somwhat...It will take the form of requiring that when a management person retires it has to be during the first quarter......the management person will receive in addition to the regular pension a severence check that is figured at the years of service times the prior years MIP factor giving a months if you have 32 years and the MIP was 2.5 you would get 80 months of pay.......that would be for a lowly supervisor.......the managers and up would be at least 2 times that amount because they are smarter & work harder.......
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    I don't know where you get your information, but in a time when this company cuts cost constantly, I don't see them giving people on the way out the door a dime. What does the company gain by doing this?

    Your example is a little fluffy as well. Last year the MIP factor was 1.6, now we see a rumor started that this years MIP might be 1.45. That's a big difference from 2.5.

    I can only wish your right since my time is getting short, but I don't expect anything that might benefit me. The recent trend is to take more and more out of our pockets not give us a little extra for your time and effort.

    Maybe you could elaborate on why this would make sense to UPS!

    Remember- the big fish always eats the little ones!!!
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