Management Envision Letter You Retirement



My last envision letter was dated 1/14/08. The last section of the letter stated we would receive more detailed information via group meetings and on by the end of the first quarter. I have not seen or heard anything. Has any one received an update?


We have been having meetings this week. Don't expect much. There was a wordy disjointed powerpoint and our presenter read the accompanying text. I think it was intended as follow-up to the esoteric survey that we took last year. They found that we don't want change, that we want to be communicated to and that we don't value the traditional pension because we don't know about it. They said change is coming, but this meeting was not about any particular change. Apparently it was in response to the desire for better communication on the survey and in ERI's. If this is better communication I'm not impressed. It had the feel of being the long lead-in to some really bad news. The whole time I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. All of my coworkers had the same "what was that?" response.

My opinion is that they are softening us up to move us to the High Deductable Health Plan with a Health Spending Account that was mentioned very briefly in the presentation. Here is more info: Maybe it would be a good thing, but this presentation doesn't make it feel like it.

I'd like to hear what everyone else got out of it.