Management freeze update?

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    ok ... more info equals better Decisions.

    I read the last thread of UPSer21 and wanted to know when the freeze took hold and also any new info on where we are at with this , since i am in the same "Gray" area .

    all are welcome to share info , i have a sense of humor/thick skin .

    Management is :censored2: that the position wasn't filled and they are scrambling to cover their asses , and that they were over ruled by corporate.

    Union is :censored2: that critical jobs are rushed , the real workers are burning out, and many more union jobs are not be refilled.

    "United" we get more done , divided "we" fall...

  2. UPSer21

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    I think "the freeze" sounds worse when you are an hourly trying to jump to management. My "freeze" has been over since June 1st of this year when I came in for my first day as a part time sup. I think your promotion needs to be approved by the higher up's since UPS is watching what they spend. They really want to know where their money is going, and why. Again, this is just my thoughts on all of it. However since your in that crappy grey area your probably going to be told your promoted about 5 times before it actually happens. Hopefully not. Once your management though, you'd better buy some advil :smart:
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    "United" we get more done , divided "we" fall...

    We are now UPS. We don't recognize "United" or "Service" from the old corporate name.
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    Humm... it's touch and go here . we are a small Air hub in a medium city , and no one ever leaves really . i'm 30 and the 3rd youngest in the air hub. we have a great team of management and union sort/drivers/ramp . i read all these horror post and have talked to our ground hub that say the same . then again we have the nickname of "The Country Club" for how short and easy the work is , just 1000 times more stress for scans and haz-mats and getting the plane to block always on time . i understand the cost cuting as i said above it has :censored2: both sides off. But top management in the hub, above ft sups, e-mail for my position to be oked to fill ,( weather it's me or not) and even they keep getting a "hold on" from corporate . also we need another 8 people to not be short when hourly takes vaycay .the position corporate is taking is when we scew the numbers up 2 or 3 weeks then all of a sudden we get a little fix. for good or bad we don't screw up in a way that really gets their notice .

    all inside advise is welcome .