Management Pension Takeover

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Parcel Dude, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Parcel Dude

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    Now that UPS is taking over our pension is there any truth in the rumor that the U.S. government is taking over the UPS management pension ?.......It seems that some management banded together & petitioned the government to check their pension out.....The government found out that the management pension is illegally underfunded..
  2. pretzel_man

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    Nope... On the contrary, the management pension is very well funded.

    This is what is sparking the rumors that UPS will convert the pension plan and pay out lump sums to the employees.

    There is belief that this will reduce cost and risk in the long term.

  3. seagull4

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    Feb of 2008 will be the big pension change for management. For now the emphasis is on the Teamster agreement.
  4. browned_out

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    Until all the votes are in and counted, Ups has not taken over anything, please inform yourself with all the info on this website. Making statements that are not true is just plain dumb.:confused:1