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    Out of curiosity, is there a such thing as a strong local in a RTW (Right to Work) State? I work at a hub in a RTW state and so far from what I can tell, all the Stewards I've seen here are all buddy buddy with management. Management seems to be able to act out however they want though that may just be typical across the company but not sure?
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    I'm in one and ours suck. I saw a steward hanging out in the offices eating subs with management just laughing it up. Seriously F that guy hard. On that note though I'm on the fence about Unions so I don't really care if my state is right to work or not.
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    I think my local is pretty good, definitely saved my job. We have some great stewards and some not so great ones. You also need to remember that management, at the end of the day, is your boss. Work as instructed, follow the contract, and file when you need to.
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    What would the contract be without the Union? Still on the fence? The Union is a whole lot more than working as instructed.
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    I'm a Stewart, and they hate me so much they are just hoping they can fire me on a daily basis.
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    Do you pay dues
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    I was a feeder steward in my waning days with the company. Every night before I started work, I'd go into Mangler's office and sit down. Asked, "Is there anything I should be in on? Anything I need to know about so I don't get blindsided by you or hourlies?"

    Would you construe that as being "in their pocket"? We would butt heads often but I liked to get close to them incase they slipped. I wanted to hear their gossip. I wanted to be in on what they were planning. Never socialized, tho.

    Does that look like I'm "sucking up"? To some, it may seem so. To me, it was planning my next move, either REACTIVELY or PROACTIVELY.

    Yes, we are in a RTW state.
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  9. FrigidFTSup

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    You're seriously complaining about a good working relationship?
  10. I'm in right to work and the stewards are pretty solid in my center. Always file their 9.5s and don't hesitate to let the management know when they are in violation the contract. They'll sit there and help fill out the grievances as well. I've gotten my job back when I was a part timer through the union.
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    A union is only as strong as their membership.

    If your local sucks, look in the mirror.
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    He got the veggie sub.
  14. By The Book

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    I so want to give you a bad time about how you spelled Stewart, but I won't!
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  16. Mechanic86

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    I don't completely agree with the politics side as far as the union is concerned though I do pay dues it's kind of a matter of principle for me. But there are some people at my job that proudly let everyone know they aren't in the union and don't pay dues. I wonder what will happen if they ever need the unions services.
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    "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"
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    Good thing you didn't post that out loud then...
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    LOL of course YOU would call it that.
  20. greengrenades

    greengrenades To be the man, you gotta beat the man.

    Well of course I do. If I didn't I would keep my mouth shut about it.