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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by TulsaD, Nov 25, 2019.

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    Got called into the dreaded Principals office (manager), and the guy is lets say less than friendly. Asked why I didn't call in last month on a Tuesday. I told him it was bc I had a seizure and was at the the hospital unconscious. (caused by a spike in blood pressure). I had a Dr. note and that was it. An hour later my buddy gets called in. as he is getting the speech. The manager says "I'm already dealing with peoples bull:censored2: blood pressure issues." Didn't mention me specifically, but Im the only person in our little center that has those issues. Can he do this? Should/can I do anything or no?
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    You can ralph on his desk and computer since stress aggravates your BP issues and makes your stomach queasy.

    Ok, you quoted that he said "peoples bs blood pressure issues" so it alludes to more than one person (plural) has issues, hence not singling you out....?
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    Cry a river dude damn who cares what management thinks.
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    Yes, take your anticonvulsants and ace inhibitors regularly and show up for work.
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    Another "hurt" person on BC. Everyone is so fragile around here anymore. Boo who-can't grow a beard, boo who- can't have face tattoos , boo who- boss said someone had high blood pressure. Bunch of firkin babies.
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    what you can do is not talk about personal issues with management or union if possible. Literally, no one including union reps or any management and esp. coworkers. Both will use them against you, sick but true. Go through corporate then local HR and have a paper trail, and then if necessary hire an attorney if your rights are violated. I can promise you that both the union and UPS will collude.
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    He didn't bring up your name, so there's nothing to do about it.

    And it's HIPAA.
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    Technically he shouldn't have said it but since he didn't mention you specifically by name you really don't have any recourse. If it were me I would pull him aside and ask him not to discuss your personal business with anyone else.
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    Would it be a "one-sided conversation"? Lol
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    Technically, you're wrong. A specific name doesn't have to be used for it to be a HIPAA violation. Stop posting.
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  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would if I could but I can't so I won't.
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    It’s boo hoo!
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    Hope this helps.
  14. Old Man Jingles

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    It’s @rod!
    Gotta give give him some grief!
    Our relationship is based on grief!
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    I saw that the after it was too late to change it and figured I’d take crap for it. Bring it on.Brain fart
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    Boy I’ve never seen a bigger group of weak minded people than you find on this forum. What a bunch of girls complaining about everything. Do your job and shut up.
  17. Mugarolla

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    Correct, only if the person in question may be identifiable.

    Here, the person in question is not identifiable.

    The OP said...

    How does he know this?

    Does he know everyone's health issues?

    I'm sure he's not the only one dealing with high blood pressure, or on blood pressure medication.

    But your point is valid. The Sup never should have said anything about an unidentifiable employee's health issues.