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    If UPS allowed managers to actually manage their centers, could UPS save money? There are many things I see day to day that costs the company money because a manager can't call and audible do to showing up on some report.

    I understand that the reason they don't allow this is do to the fact that it could get abused. But it just doesn't make sense to run 15 miles round trip to deliver a shipper release $10.00 T-shirt to hippie dude when it could easily be delivered the next day at little cost vs the cost of running an extra 40 minutes and 15 miles. How much does it cost UPS per mile on the vehicle? How much in driver compensation? This is just one of many scenarios I see everyday.
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    I tell my manger all you time that he is my best friend. The first time he looked at me with a puzzled face and asked "huh"? I told him with all the extra money he makes me how can't I be his friend. He turned and walked away.
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    If management had an "over allowed" how much would yours be paid over? It's my experience that my management team will not change anything about a route. Job security?
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    They are all scared to change anything because if they make a mistake they can canned for it.
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    Atlanta calls the shots. It's all about the numbers. Service? What's that?

    ​We need to get back to basics and let the drivers just drive.
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    That is not consistent with the UPS plan to dumb down the UPS Driver job to the point that a FedEx ​Ground driver could do it.
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    I agree. But as long as the dispatch is continuously screwed up and nothing gets fixed, it will never be dumb down.
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    I get this every time. Or the deer in headlights look :laughing:
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    Nothing consistent with UPS management. Bout like the weather.
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    I dont even waste my time or my breath with these idiots anymore, i just go rock a bye baby on them deep into the night every night. Screw them azzclowns lol.
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    Because no one wants to take ownership of problems anymore, from preload to reload, they are just trying to stay off the radar. I don't blame them, they're more expendable than a driver, and they know it. This is called managing by fear, it works in the short term, long term you get what you're seeing now, no innovation or caring from the operations.
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    The problem is that since gps/telematics, they are 100% metrics/report driven. If they can quantify something or they think they can, they think they have full control over everything and can continuously reduce costs by focusing on a single metric or piece of data. An example is the mileage kick with Orion. Everything else be damned--all that matters is mileage to them right now because it rolls downhill and those in power think if they can reduce miles then everything else is irrelevant. The problem is, you may save a few miles if you focus solely on miles, but you become inefficient and ineffective as a result. (digging through shelves, not getting bulk off so you can be faster, providing poor service by not getting off stops that you know certain businesses need at a certain time,etc).
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    These idiots waste so much money on stuff that dont work in the real delivery world. Orion,dol,pal labels and edd. The edd only works in our center by telling you how many boxes you have for that stop. The edds are so chopped up its ridiculous. The dol dont work since you have a different dispatch every single day. The pal labels aint helping since the dol is so screwed up. The pal labels take away the loader using commonsense to load your truck. Like i said all a waste of money for stuff that dont work because its not implemented correctly. Too many indians and not enough chiefs to make things work right.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Just think how many Delivery Record Pads we could buy with what we spend on one DIAD.
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    I forget who it was, but there was a user on here who said it best that managers are no longer managers, they are simply "facilitators". In that they simply facilitate someone else' plan, someone else' numbers, and really can't implement any of their own ideas and no real ability to do any real, true, decision making without hearing it from someone above.
  18. Brownslave688

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    That would be sober. Smart man they should let him run a center for a few weeks.