Mandatory Saturday Work?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Union Thug, Dec 13, 2014.

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    I work the midnight sort and was just told by my P/T Supervisor that tomorrow (Saturday), the midnight shift, is supposed to come in and work the Saturday sort.

    I'm guessing someone above my supervisor, told him to say that to everyone and hope that a few people actually show up for what is probably a short staffed sort.

    I'm 90% sure that they can't make you work on Saturday. But can someone confirm that I can comfortably not show up to work on Saturday?
  2. They forced 14 drivers in my center to come to work tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm one of them, I guess working 60 hours this week wasn't enough for them. I see grievances in coming.
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    I would bet that the 14 drivers "forced" to work today still had hours available. HOS rules are 60 hours driving and 70 working so, yes, you can work for 2 more hours per day after having driven for 12.
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    I'm working today signed a list to work. Got back to the building last night my names wasn't on the list to drive today but some lower seniority FT driver prior Sat Air drivers where on the list. Was going to let it slide and file a grievance Monday. However 2 of my SUPs where there so I ran it by them and one called the person that runs the Sat operations and she came up with the lame excuse she couldn't read my writing. I'll be working Today....
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    center manager sent a diad message thursday asking if we wanted to work. I said yes. I'll show up around 8:40am and see if they need me. Maybe they'll call and tell me not to come in, or ask me why I'm not there already...
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    I already worked 52.5 hours this week, I don't need anymore. Spending time with my family is far more important that filling that last 7.5 hours.
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    Did 88 stops blind from 8:45 to 1:45

    Came home starving. About to enjoy a huge tuna sandwich...

    Truck they gave me was a manual, which was fine, but the exhaust must have been leaking because whenever I was idling, diesel smoke would pour out all around the car. Feels like I chainsmoked a pack of cigs.