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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by prana, Dec 21, 2014.

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    Are candidates mostly selected from the same region/district as the job opening? Do I need to still directly apply to position that pops up on the internal job openings site? (Especially if it is out of my district?)

    My HR gal said hiring managers (even outside districts) can see all qualified MAPP candidates even if I don't directly apply to an internal posting.

    Just wanting some verification. Thx
  2. I think generally they like to select from the building you are in. My management team likes to know who they're promoting before they do it. It allows them to have a read on you before they move forward. I didn't apply online. They mentioned that they were looking for candidates for management and I approached my FT sup telling him I was interested. Went through the process. Took the tests, interviewed by the FT sups, center manager, and finally the district manager. Then got the job.

    Whether others can see you are qualified, I'm sure they can. But I don't think if you're qualified in Tupelo, MS they are going to shoot you an offer from Secaucus, NJ.
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    closer to position the better. willingness to do anything, college degree even if its basket weaving. affirmative active check boxes always a bonus
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    All of the postings I have seen lately say that the company is not offering relocation assistance. That tells me it's extremely unlikely they would look for candidates outside of the posted job's immediate area. You would have to be the one to apply and be willing to pay all of your own moving costs if selected.