MAPP testing on hold?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by btrlov, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Hi I am new to this forum and my questions pertains to the mapp process. I ve been at ups as a night loader for two years and i just started the mapp prcess for pt sup. I got all the way to the evaluation part where u sit with the ft supervisor and he rates you. Problem was that he said that he would rate me well to take the test, but when we signed the eval form for hr, it was blank. He said he "didn't want to hold me back" (he said he would do it later, perhaps he was in a rush). After about three weeks I follow up with hr, and they said that they haven't recived the paperwork, (nothing mentioned about hiring or mapp freeze).

    I follow up with him to ask about mapp testing and the paperwork. He tells me the paperwork goes to another hour dept, but "everything is on hold, we got a meeting next week about who goes and stays". Keep in mind I wasn't expecting to get hired anytime soon, in fact not till peak.

    My question is this ft sup, a)bull****ing me to me outaa his face, b) rated me low and said nothing making me ineligible for mapp, effectively holding me back or c) he just neglected the paperword and didn't fowarded it 5) he being truthfull and the hold was just recent. Wat I. Don't get is he could have
    mentioned this earlier when I inquired.

    He has a type a personality, go getter workaholic. White dude but talks black. He cool wit me, hasn't giving me a hard time b4. Although, He is deceptive or perhaps management, as they use code words to send ppl home early and give me the runaround wit cell phones passes.
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    "with" redefines "wit".
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    who in the hell would want to go into management at this company
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    I don't believe he was asking you for career advice.
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    loading is cool and it has help burn alot of calories... but im a college grad and a vet i need to rework my resume to advance my career. and waiting 5 more years just to have a chance at "middle income" wage and a chance at full time, seems unreasonable for me. the poverty wages are not cutting it.

    ups is a decent place but i need a change
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    As a fellow vet and a college grad I suggest you don't listen to the naysayers and you go for what you want. Use your brain, not your back.
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    this is wat i like to hear. i seen a guy loading, been there for 7 years , and still not fulltime.all the ft timers are in their 40s. and it makes m sick to my stomach that they are paying 8.50 per hr in nyc taking advantage of the unemployed minority youth.

    Frankly managers are not treated well at all, the ft sup is always yelling bout something. but ups is not treated me well through its wages and physical labor required for this job.

    well see wat happens with testing, hr said the building is
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    "What" redefines "wat".

    You are a college grad and your English skills are this poor?

    Wat wrong wit chew?
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    hi trick,

    nothing really, just a subpar educational system and lack of diligence in writing on an internet forum . However, i see your responses are "poor" as they are not helpful nor informative. Was my grammar so offensive that you are lame enough to respond to it or is your ego so vain you couldn't help but to? Use your 2000+ post knowledge base to help a "brotha" out, instead of being the Pulitzer prize winning editor trolling on a legitimate post looking for '"lagitamint" answers....

    Now, are we done "wit" our introductions?
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    I don't believe he was asking you for career advice.

    and you dont use your back you piece of liberal trash, lift with the legs all good kids like milk look sharp dont get cut 3 points of contact
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    The logo may say UPS but the mindset is still Overnite.

    Your in the majors now--act like it.
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    If you think that becoming a PT SUP is going to lead to a full time SUP or get promoted into upper management your crazy and if someone told you something different they a lying to you. Get a second job like everyone else does that want to be a driver.

    I'm a vet and have a BS degree but I can make more money and have better benifits working for UPS. $70,000 + a yr if pretty dam good money. Your not going to find to many jobs out there where you can make that much.
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    I see what your saying, but i no intention of becoming a fulltime sup. That seem more like a political appointment then working to it. I have another pt job, but its still not cutting it. I just wanted a pay increase so i can have a decent standard of living
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    Well your probably not going to be a PT SUP for to long so maybe you should just go find a full time job. I have seen 10 PT SUP come and go in my building over the last 2 years. The problem is that PT Sup are treated like S--t management strings them along with promises that they never fulfill as they use and abuse them.

    Go get another ft job no pt. I had to work a FT job while working preload. I worked 4 10 hr day 3:30pm to 2:00 am them went to work the preload at 5:00am it sucked but life isn't wasy and you have to make sacrifices in order to get ahead in life.
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    yeah who would want to join the darkside? stay away from the darkness!!!!