Marsh making group medical insurance plan for Ground

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by FedEx GT, Sep 7, 2015.

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    No I am not talking about the indemnity insurance that is going on now. I reached out to them and they claim by November they will be offering medical. We will see what is actually going to be offered and when it comes out but it will be interesting what bounty and a few others say when we are giving benefits since that is their main gripe. Especially after a lot of us are paying our Ground drivers better than 9 year vet Express guys.

    OT, lunch break is going to be his first post, followed by 401k. Which most of us on this board have already addressed as they are paid for or already do. Minus 401k maybe a few do but since 90% wouldn't contribute it would more so be a benefit just for the contractor
  2. STFXG

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    Have you not received the packet from Marsh? Bunch of garbage offerings in there.
  3. FedEx GT

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    Yes. That was the indemnity stuff that is not what I am talking about that is Aflac secondary insurance.
  4. It will be fine

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    I wouldn't put any faith in anything Marsh offers. They probably won't have everyone in a group and it will be the same rates you could get on your own. It's like workers comp, they treat us all individually and there's no large group savings. I was amazed at the quality of service I received from my new insurance company when I left Protective.
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    Most contractors don't Pay ot or even holidays or lunch breaks in my terminal, that's the facts. You and it will be fine are the exception. If you guys are actually telling the truth, which I doubt.
  6. bbsam

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    I think this is Marsh trying to stem the tide of contractors leaving. Instead of getting competitive with their work comp rates, they are trying to offer something that at least looks appealing.
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    Marsh is a joke and has stolen money from us for years never trust them.
  8. Bounty

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    That's because they are in bed with X. What would you expect?
  9. It will be fine

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    Marsh lawsuits is a fun google search if you've never done it. It would be nice if they actually acted like a broker and found some competitive quotes.
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    Like any health insurance plan it's only as good as it's network of hospitals and doctors and those hospitals and doctors are on assignment to that plan. Knowing Marsh their plan is probably about the same as the "bronze" plan described in the ACA. The bottom rung plan that covers an estimated 60% of the hospital and doctor charges. Remember too guys I was told by a reliable FXG company source back in 2010 of Marsh's intention to no longer write an insurance contract for FXG contractors. A world wide search for another carrier came up empty and they had to go hat in hand back to Marsh/Protective.
  11. Kiowascout

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    Research your options. if you dump marsh you save 3% by not having to pay their surcharge. Great West is a top rated insurance carrier and saved me an additional 3%. They can cover B/T P/D and work comp.
    yes they will have to approve the policy and yes they have approved mine for over 4 years now.

    its foolish to give marsh thousands of $$$ every year for crappy service!!!!