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    Just curious about maternity leave, I know we get 5 days off but do u get more time off for a c-section? With our first child I took 5 days, but I have been told u get more time for c-sections. Anyone know?
  2. Dutch Dawg

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    Would this not be covered under the 'Family Leave Act' ?
  3. yeldarb

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    It should be under FMLA. I took 3 weeks paternity, (without pay of course) to be with my wife after her two C-sections.
  4. Deuce

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    I was curious about this too, my wife is expecting in janurary

    who is best to talk to about this? sup? hr?
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    5 Days???

    3 weeks without pay???

    Is that all that you are entitled to?

    Up here is Canada you get one year. That is not a UPS thing, it is a federal government thing. The Mother can take the year, or the father can take that year or any combination of the two totaling one year. And the employer must give you back you job or a comparable one with at least the same pay you were making before mat leave. And you get unemployment insurance (although its not called that) while you are off.

    I knew those of you south of the 49th didn't get the same as we do, but I had no idea it was so short.
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    In California, I think you get 6 weeks off without question if you had a baby. And most doctors will extend it to 3 months without question. I took off 5 months with both my pregnancies and got paid from Disability. One of the guys here just took off 6 weeks paternity leave and got Disability pay. Something like $700 a week. That was new this year. Last year a guy took off three weeks paternity and only got paid 1/2 disability. Before that if a guy wanted to take off he got paid Zip. Yeah the good old US of A is way behind the rest of the world regarding the concept of staying home when a new baby is brought into the world. How women go back to work after 6 weeks is beyond me.
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    You get six weeks, including the before time and after. You can get more before, or after if the doctor says, like you cannot work as long, ie a desk job you could work up to the labor where as a driver, or an inside person who lifts, after about 7 1/2 months the doc may not want you lifting. It s disability pay, and not that great here about 1/2 your pay and is taxed. If you are used to the work its not as traumatic on your body, but still not good during the first 3 months or the last 2. IMO
    You as a paternal get zip, although you can get fmla. (last I knewIn Ohio)
    Cesearean far worse as after 6 weeks, you are just starting to not be afraid to walk upright. And the recovery is much harder. It IS major surgery. Had both, I know. But you need your doc to know and understand what you do and how hard it is, and then getyou the leave/ disability until you are strong enough. Good Luck.
  8. rod

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    WOW! 6 to 12 weeks off with Disability? $700.00 a week! The times have sure changed. When my son was born at 2:20 in the morning on Christmas eve (Dec. 24) they refused my request to take that day off. That was a long time ago. They did the same when my daughter was born in November 2 years later. ( believe me they paid dearly later on). Yes- even UPS of days gone by knew how to keep the troops :censored2: off. Some things never change.
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    Disability in California is non-taxed and about $700+ (at least in 2005-probably more now). Paternity pay now that I think of it is probably FMLA, but still pays well.
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    What happen to the good ole days, where a baby would be born in the early morning hours and the wife would be scrubbing the kitchen floor in the afternoon?
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    I think it would be to everyone's advantage to give the new mom all the time she wants off, especially in that critical time immediately after the baby is born when her hormones are totally whack!!! I remember thinking wierd thoughts (not suicidal) until my mom told me it was my hormones going back to normal. A very LONG two weeks for all those around me.
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    i took 2 months before and 6weeks after...I was p/t back then so my check was for 112 a week...wheee

    I too had the psot partum for a good 3 motnhs after, so I missed alot of days under doctors care...
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    ups79....Gosh, I hope you're joking. Try passing a watermelon out of your "you know what" and let's see how quick you'd return to work.:ohmy:
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    Well UPS79, its making a comeback. My daughter in law had my last grandchild AT HOME, and went to church the next morning. God Bless her. I didnt even want to get out of bed as my first child weighed almost 10 pds. I was truly afraid everything would just fall out!!!!. Thankfully back then I was a stay at home MOM!!!!! Just in case!