Maybe Amazon is not the answer.

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    Amazon customer says she was charged over $7K to ship toilet paper

    Two Amazon customers are complaining that they were charged outrageous prices to ship everyday household paper products.

    Georgia resident Barabara Carroll told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV that she was charged $7,000 after placing an order for toilet paper in March.

    Carroll is a building manager who takes care of janitorial needs, and she placed an order for three boxes of toilet paper to be delivered to her home, she told WSB-TV. When she checked her bank statement days later, she noticed a charged for more than $7,500, she said.

    Carroll then checked her order history on the site, which stated that the three cases of toilet paper cost $88.17, but the shipping was a whopping $7,455, she told WSB-TV.
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    The woman got her money back despite her claims Amazon did nothing. And the scam seller was booted off Amazon.

    Definitely points out one of the best reasons for paying with a credit card vs. a debit.
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    Think I’ve heard about this sort of thing being used for money laundering. Items for sale online with super high item prices or shipping costs are sprinkled around by one party and purchased by another to facilitate it. Woman just happened to accidentally buy one of them.
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    Preloader stole the weed out of the box.
    So she wanted her money back.
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    Not sure how this could be possible.

    Did she not notice the shipping charges once she checked out her shopping cart?
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    Crappy story.
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    Thinking the same thing.
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    She's a woman
  10. Wally

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    Over $7000?

    That would sure buy a sweet Disney Funeral-Vacation for the family!
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    @MyTripisCut ?
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    Hmm. Maybe go to the store and buy your own damn toilet paper. Lazy sumbitch.
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  14. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    The shipper was trying "2 ply" some cash. Fortunately, the bill was "wiped" clean.
  15. DieHardUPSER

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    Probably just used the 1-click ordering option or just stupid...
  16. Rack em

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    You beat me to it
  17. That's what pays our checks. I'd rather deliver toliet paper instead of furniture
  18. Rack em

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    I'd rather not deliver either. All envelopes everyday please.
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  20. Brownslave688

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    Almost everything they make is made in China.