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    Can this old decrepid man be ANY dumber?

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    Mr Buffalo chip contest??

    LOL!! McCain is an idiot.

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    Boy, this old wringled white haired man just cant put a decent sentence together!

  4. McCain enters Cindy in Beauty pageant!

    Yes he did!
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    Re: McCain enters Cindy in Beauty pageant!

    Im sure John Mcain did not know what all the BC (not browncafe) beauty pageant entails. Only those of us who have been there, or been told by someone who has, or seen it on video know what goes on there. So he was enthralled and welcomed by the crowd, and offered his wife. So what. She undeniably would look better than many I have seen even if she is twice the age of most.
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    Re: McCain enters Cindy in Beauty pageant!

    It's amazing what a little bit of Avon, Revlon and Mary Kay make-up can do for a women......believe me I know, I've waken up next to a diseaster or two who I swore looked like Angelina Jolee the night before.

    I would'nt neccessarily say the crowd was "enthralled" by McCain's appearance and tongue tied speech, but they did get a rise when he offered up Cindy:wink2:. A better example of a crowd being "enthralled" was the crowd in Berlin towards Obama and any other event he attends.

    McMeltdown....I like that, McDonalds could name a breakfest sandwich after the ole' sour-puss with a side of McHashbrowns and wash it down with some McCoffee. Call it a McHappy meal, bet that woud turn John's frown to a smile.
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    I listened to McCain's comments on the Russian-Georgian thing going on now. He looked & sounded the part of commader in chief much more than B.O. boogie boarding in our 57th state.
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    Re: McSame unafraid to appear insane??

    Mccain fired some great shots at congress and hussien. thanks for sharing this video BS.
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    Let me ask you this, if the ms Buffalo chip contest is something good enough for the potential first lady to participate in:

    "would you let your daughter participate in it?"

    The contest is filled with nasty goings on, banana swallowing, pickle licking-while on the crotch of men, oil rubbing, toppless dancing....

    Now, I understand 90 year old McSame thinks this is fine for his wife, but is it ok for your daughter? I would like to hear one poster on this board say it would be fine for them or there daughter to compete in this contest. What about you toonertoo, would you be willing to compete?

    The issue here is the desperate attempts by the McSame campaign to appear as if he is reaching larger audiences.

    Unlike Barack Hussein Obama's ability to draw crowds in the US in the tens of thousands and overseas in the hundreds of thousands, McSame is only able to draw crowds of less than 2000 people.

    In order to counter this problem, the McSame campaign is taking this relic to places that already have hundreds of people there already and have him speak to "APPEAR" like he draws a crowd.

    In this case, no one, including McSame, checked out what happens in sturgis (like it takes a genious to figure it out anyway) and he simply read from a card with "PREPARED" remarks and entered his wife in a contest that makes a wet t-shirt contest look like a school spelling bee!

    Now, you and the others can believe this makes him "look" presidential, but it defines his inability to look outside the box.

    If he was really a smart man, he would have figured out that a contest in sturgis was less than honorable. But he isnt.

    He is the laughing stock of politics this week. His studdering about gas prices told it all, a bumbling old man gasping for control of his useless brain while hearing the crowd shouting at Cindy McSame "show your T*Ts, show your T*Ts etc etc..

    He was so flustered it was embarrasing. Cindy McSame herself on the video covers her mouth when she hears the crowd shouting at her.

    The republicans at there finest.

    A waste of a political moment, too bad they had to scrap the whole event and not promote it on FOX NOISE.

    Did anyone tell them that most of those at sturgis are NOT VOTERS, have criminal records, use drugs and alcohol to excess and simply dont care about politics?

    The ones with felonies cant even vote.

    He might as well have a rally at a local prison.

    Desperate people do desperate things, and McSame demonstrated his desperation at Sturgis.

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    my god your side is desperate is it not. McCain was laughing when he said it. I think he knew exactly what Ms. buffalochip chip was all about. But in either case if this is all you have on McCain then his future is secure.
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    Folks...I've learned that its best not to even respond to the troll's.....I mean...Brownshark's ridiculous rants. We got rid of VTBrown. Now let's see if we can rid the board of this other troll.
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    So constitutionally patriotic of you to call upon your "click" to "get rid of" those who's speech is not in line with yours. Like Bush, you must be........... "The Decider".
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    No clicking involved. I just don't respond anymore. And it has nothing to do with speech not being in line with mine. It is strictly because of the fact that his nonsense isn't worth responding to. My only regret is that I didn't figure that out sooner. I bet he is one of the real annoying liberals that when engaged in an actual face to face debate talks over the other person when they try and speak. He'd probably be a good employee of Media Matters.
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    Hey Diesel, tell Michele O about Avon, Revlon, and Mary Kaye. She definetely needs some advice. Might want to tell her about a thigh slimmer also:happy2: Ever see the hips, thighs on that girl........Ive seen smaller hips on milking cows.
    I do know class when I see it.
    Michele is nasty, Mrs Mcain, is always smilin. Maybe its the beer empire. Maybe its just being happy and not mad at the world.
    But who am I to judge,??????????
    Oh yea, I did, and it aint Ms Obama
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    govols019 You smell that?

    You mean like O'Reilly?
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    Hopefully youre not speaking about Cindy McCain as if shes "Mary Poppins", I am guessing your bright enough to know that she met John McSame while he was STILL MARRIED and carried on an affair with McSame until he divorced his wife while in HAWAII with Cindy.

    Hardly Ozzie and Harriet. Michele and Barack have been together since college and are STILL MARRIED and neither has cheated on the other.

    Cant say that about McSame however, a little indescretion here, a little indescretion there....miracle there still together, oh wait, without Cindy he's broke, better keep her I'd say.

    Fact check time Toonertoo:
    Hensley met John McCain in April 1979 at a military reception in Hawaii.[18] He was the U.S. Navy liaison officer to the United States Senate, almost eighteen years her senior.[19] McCain and Hensley quickly began a relationship,[19] traveling between Arizona and Washington to see each other.[10] John McCain pushed to end his marriage of fourteen years;[18] Carol McCain and John McCain stopped cohabiting in January 1980,[20] and Carol accepted a divorce in February of 1980,[18] effective in April 1980. John and Cindy were married on May 17, 1980 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.[10] They made a prenuptial agreement that kept most of her family's assets under her name;[21] they have since kept their finances apart and file separate income tax returns.[21]
    Her father's business and political contacts helped gain her husband a foothold into Arizona politics;[18] she campaigned with her husband door-to-door during his successful first bid for U.S. Congress in 1982,[11] with her wealth from an expired trust from her parents providing significant loans to the campaign[22][23][24] and helping it survive a period of early debt.[25] Once he was elected, the couple moved to Alexandria, Virginia.[26] She spent two months in late 1983 writing handwritten notes on over 4,000 Christmas cards to be sent to constituents and others.[26] Not accepted by the Washington congressional social scene,[10] she grew homesick for Arizona.[26][10] She suffered several miscarriages.[19][10]

    You said: "I do know class when I see it."

    Are you kidding me? Class? A woman has an affair with a married man, cohabitates with him prior to his divorce, separates him from his wife and children and you call that class?

    Tell me youre not serious. LOL

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    heres some more interesting facts about your woman of class:
    Prescription drug addiction

    In 1989, Cindy McCain became addicted to Percocet and Vicodin, opioid painkillers,[33] which she initially took to alleviate pain following two spinal surgeries for ruptured discs,[34][35] and to ease emotional stress during the Keating Five affair.[33] The addiction progressed to where she was taking upwards of twenty pills a day,[10] and she resorted to having an AVMT physician write illegal prescriptions.[36] In 1992, her parents staged an intervention to force her to get help;[17] she told her husband about her problem, attended a drug treatment facility, began outpatient sessions, and ended her three years of addiction.[33] Surgery in 1993 resolved her back pain.[33][35]
    In January 1993, an AVMT employee, who had discovered her illegal drug use, was terminated on budgetary grounds.[37] Subsequently, he tipped off the Drug Enforcement Administration,[37] and a federal investigation ensued resulting in McCain paying the costs of the government's investigation, and enrolling in a diversion program.[36][9][37] In a move that critics described as a preemptive strike,[9][33] Cindy McCain publicly revealed her past addiction: "Although my conduct did not result in compromising any missions of AVMT, my actions were wrong, and I regret them."[9]

    Dont let the facts get in your way Toonertoo. Michelle Obama is a Princeton and Harvard graduate. She's a lawyer not a junkie.

    Before you put Michele down, better get a grip on what your defending.

    Cindy McCain is no saint, and she only accomplished being a cheerleader in college and the daughter of rich parents not to mention a homewrecker.

    Sorry to have to break the bad news to you and the others at koolaid central.


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    You know now that you mention it she does have a certain Jen a say what about her. She may be voted the first biatch of america if Obama gets elected.
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    I know but I couldn't resist. Of all the desperate political slams i have ever seen this one has to take the cake. Poor BS is probably spending hours a day looking for something he can cook McCain on and all he could come up with was this BS buffalochip remark. BS from BS who would have thunk it.