Mechanics get turkeys and safety awards

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  1. airbusfxr

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    Mechanics won arbitration against UPS for turkeys and safety awards this week. The company took away things that were contractually issued. Still we have no contract but UPS must abide by the RLA of 1929. The 401k match is still being enjoyed but no raises since Katrina has brought moral to a new low. Thankfully the turkey and retro turkey (donated to SDF shelters) will make some people happy. The safety awards will be nice also.
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  2. FracusBrown

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    I understand fighting for what you are entitled to, but fighting to get something to give away seems senseless to me. If it was really worth fighting over, wouldn't it at least be worth keeping?
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Who is going to use or store 5 turkeys at one time.
    I think I used 1 out of the last 10 I got.
    All the rest went to charity which I guess was a senseless act ...
  4. pickup

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    So, we all know that many of these turkeys would have gone to food banks and would have helped to alleviate some hunger. It's amazing that Ups will screw starving children just to piss off its employees, how uncharitable.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    Sorry Pickup ... I am not going to reward this feeble attempt! LOL
  6. pickup

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    That post was really meant for another person's eyes, the person who pretty much helped me write the last line.
  7. Monkey Butt

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    I knew it was disingenuous (not to mention disingenius) so I figured something was up.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sometimes it is simply the principle.
  9. brownone

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    Mechanics, God love the sense of entitlement. So if I buy you a soda for doing a good job, does that mean I have to give you one every day. Have you taken a look at the economy? Read a paper next time you are sitting in your truck. Is there anything you are not owed.
  10. airbusfxr

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    Why read a newspaper, we all have iphones and blackberries. The economy is great, UPS is making money off of me. Pay up.
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    So what is fair days pay for a fair days work as an Airline Mechanic? Are you not the highest paid in the industry currently? Give me the number that would make you smile.
  12. iamupser

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    The "Great Recession" was probably the best thing to happen to UPS, they got to close centers, take away incentives, add a fuel surcharge to ground that isn't going away, and never lost a $1 during the whole ordeal!
  13. airbusfxr

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    FDX mechanics are the highest paid in the industry. I expect the same percentage as all UPSCO employees.
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  15. airbusfxr

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    This will be my 24th peak on UPS property, I could care less what you think. My work group provides UPS will the most profitable level of service and we are not being failrly compensated.
  16. upssup

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    How crass could you be. I was a B1 mechanic in the AF making the equivelent of $7.00 per hour. working ungodly long hours and in all parts of the world. I NEVER complained about the money or the job. I took great pride in what I did and you know what, the bills got paid all the same. Unbelievable. Kinda reminds me of the attitude of Northwest Airlines, How did that work out? Fairly compenated! If you are that upset about the conditions then pack it in. I am sure there are a bunch of former Northwest mechanics that would trip over each other for the opportunity to take that job. I have dealt with former aircraft mechaincs in the past. Constant whining and complaining, never can see the forest through the trees. Congrats on the win big slugger: Turkeys, kinda fits doesn't it.
  17. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Wow, bold statement. If you don`t mind I`ll change a few words to make it fit feeder drivers and try it out at work tonight. Of course I`ll also make sure to bring a fresh pen for filling out new job applications too.
  18. Wiggy

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    Every UPS mechanic that works on the 747-400s is thinking about what he or she might have worked on that could have caused that 747-400 to crash in Dubai.

    UPS has over 100,000 truck drivers that make $35 bucks an hour at the end of there contract. These truck drivers make over 100k now with there over time. The Aircraft mechanics group has 900 members. The majority of work is done by outsourced vendor's. You can not outsource everything and pay the small number of mechanics you have small wages. FDX has a lot more mechanics compared to UPS and they happily pay them for keeping there aircraft flying safely.
  19. worldwide

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    "FDX has a lot more mechanics compared to UPS and they happily pay them for keeping there aircraft flying safely. "

    Are you inferring that UPS planes are less safe than Fedex planes due to any pay differences between the two carriers? If so, please let me know the safety record of both carriers (# of hull losses, accidents, etc.).

    What is the fundamental differences between an FAA certified mechanic at any of the major airlines? Is the job they do different at each airline? If so, please describe the differences in what job duties they perform.
  20. upssup

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    They also pay their share of the medical and dental and don't seem to complain about it, at least not as loudly as some of the AC mechanics.