Medical Benefit at 20 years of service.

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  1. What is the payout and how is applied when reaching age 60 and retiring with 20 YOS? Are health benefits maintained or are you on your own with a stipend from FX.
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    There is retiree healthcare available but last I saw before leaving in 2017 it was extremely expensive.
  3. Did you choose to not take this?
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    Have you tried
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    The company provides a flat amount subsidy for qualifying retirees to pay for health insurance premiums only. It is based on your age and years of service. Once it is spent, that's it as far as FedEx is concerned. The purpose is to help with premiums until you reach Medicare age. If you are already 65 it will reimburse your Medicare and supplement premiums, until it is expended. The closer you are to 65, the less you get.
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    It would've taken most of my pension to have it. Not worth it to me.
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    In other words, bend over.
  8. Thanks are you saying if you work til say 66 you will still get a subsidy just less if you were to retire at say 62,i thought at 65 it was all gone. Does anyone know what the full subsidy is valued at $$$.?
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    I retired at 65. At that time, I received a monthly stipend to use for medical expenses. Shortly after, it was changed to a one-time lump sum benefit to be used only for premiums. In my case, the lump sum was $13,000. Once it's spent, it's gone. The benefit drops each year you are closer to your full retirement age. Someone at 60 receives a considerably larger amount, something like $30K. The purpose is to encourage your retirement if premium cost is stopping you.
  10. Im planning on working til 65 also. Ive been told since the change of monthly to lump sum payout every year from 60-65 it goes down,with nothing after 65.