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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by retiredone, Mar 7, 2006.

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    I retired recently and will move to Mount Pleasant SC at the end of the year. Anyone out there who can recommend in network PCP and dentist in this area? I am part of Aetna Managed Choice. Thanks for any help...
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    PCP: Dr. Rueben Madeek
    Dr. Ben Dover
    Dr. Phil McKrackin
    Dr. Phil Meehin
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    I am getting ready to retire next month-----isn't everyone part of Aetna Managed Choice?

    The next question is--------what is Aetna Managed Choice and has everyone had good results from the coverage that we have.
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    Dr forgot Dr. Seymour Butz:lol:
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    I'm not sure if this applies equally to retirees and active employees, but I recently discovered that UPS uses Blue Cross/Blue Shield in some areas of the country (like Louisville and Texas). I have been told that it depends on what area of the country you are in, because Aetna has a lousy network in these areas.

    Regarding managed choice, I have been fairly pleased with it up to now. I haven't been able to find any recommended doctors in SC yet...I still have hope about solving this.

    My experience in the past has been very positive with Managed Choice. One advantage to the insurance is the negotiated rates. Several years ago, I had a procedure done by a doctor who wanted to charged me $7,000. I needed the procedure done quickly and paid him and then filed the claim. Aetna notified me that they had negotiated a rate and the doctor shouldn't charge over $2,000. I told the doctors office this and they initially refused to honor the reduction. Aetna called their office, and I got a refund for $5,000 a few days later. This is extreme, but you should monitor the Aetna navigator web site and be sure that the doctor only charges you the negotiated rate.