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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by googly389, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Ok, here's my story and I'm a bit nervous about it because I love working at this company and don't want to lose my job. I work preload in the mornings, I'm 18 and my seniority date was August 27th 2007 (not even a year into the job). So, I had a lymph node removed from my left armpit on Fri. 2/15 to see if it was cancer, which it wasn't, however it limits the use of my left arm. I told my supervisor that I would need that day off and that I would return the following Monday so I could do light duty and he agreed. Apparently, this guy didn't know anything and when I called today a higher up supervisor said they wouldn't let me come back to work until I get a note from my surgeon saying I can return to my full level of activity at work in case I was to injure myself on light duty and UPS would have a liability on their hands. I asked 4 different supervisors about this on the phone to confirm and they all said the same thing and I told them I wouldn't know until March 4th when I return to my doctor. So, now I'm sitting out on unpaid time until at least March 4th. My question is, since I haven't worked a full year, can they fire me on leave? A note: I've never had behavior problems, insubordination, tardiness or no calls no shows, and although I live in GA I'm in the union. Any response would definitely ease my mind, I worked hard to get this job. Thanks! :anxious:
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    Nobody at all can give me a little insight into this, at all? Just lemme hear the injury policy and that's all.
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    You will be fine, all you have to do is get cleared from the doctor to return to work. You could possibly have to get checked out by a ups doctor? This is nothing uncommon and your job is safe. You have a legitimate reason for being off. My only question would be can you collect disabilty for the time you are off??Mabey someone else can give you the answer.
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    Thanks for the response! Yea, the doctor said I can't return until Monday, March 31st and that he will be happy to give me a release to take with me. As for disability I'm not sure, it will only be 5 weeks but that is an awfully long time to go without being paid.
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    Lol no you wont get fired at all. A few people in my hub have been out for months and they even got hurt at work.
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    Call your local Union hall and inquire how to file for disability in your area and see if you need to get a temporary "withdrawal card" to exclude you from union dues. They may direct you to Human Resources,but need to know you are out as well. Never been on disability myself, but I know from dealing with co-workers you have to be off x amount of days before you are eligible(I believe it is 3 days here). Let us know how it comes out.
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    Disability? Really? If UPS finds out they won't get mad will they?
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    It doesnt matter if they get mad. I had a fellow driver off for months for a lung problem, and he didnt know if he could get disability. No one told him, never been off in his 25+ career, I told him, he bought me a 12 pack. That is the beauty of this site. yes if you cant work you do have it, at least in my area. Get your human resource number, prepare to be on hold and get an answer. Good Luck.
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    Hey Googly389 if you can I want to ask you bout that procedure on your left arm pit. I think i have the same thing. Being scary and lazy, but ready for it to go.
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    They only get mad if you get injured on the job and it has to be reported as workmans comp. They don't care if you're out on disability for an off the job issue.
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    Googly, Like others have said,they could care less as long as your not on comp.. Forgot to mention in previous post,not sure how much it will be in your area but disability will only pay a percentage of what you normally make. Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone! Been trying to get in touch with HR about disability. My Dad said it would probably be like 60% of what I make. Better than nothing though.
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    Glad to hear you don't have anyhthing cancerous!

    Secondly, I found it amusing that you said you worked hard to get the job. What worked you so hard? :biting:
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    Googly, get in touch with your Union Local. Our local has disability for off job injuries and long term illnesses. True it does not pay your full missed wages, but they are not taxable income off setting the lesser amount of $$.
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    MrBrown, do some perlim research with your local BA so you will know ahead of time what to expect. The withdrawal card thing IS IMPORTANT!