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    I am a full time package car driver in Texas. I’ve heard it is virtually impossible to transfer but I have heard a few stories of transferring via medical reasons. My wife and I moved here from Kentucky and plan on being here long term. However, some unfortunate circumstances have developed. My mother-in-law has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers which she’s honestly had for awhile but it is progressing quickly and her dad is getting old and can’t take care of her on his own. He has no other help or family as my wife is an only child. We don’t particularly want to leave but it’s seeming like it might be a necessary move at this point and quitting the job to find a new one is not an option which I realize may force us to stay. So, has anyone successfully requested and received a medical transfer based on family hardship? And if so, does anywhere know where to start this process?
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    So sorry to hear of your situation, unfortunately, even if u did get a “transfer “ you would start as a new employee, no seniority at all. Good luck to you.
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    I realize that. I would be ok with starting as a new employee as long as it were a full time driver. Would it basically be considered and off the street hire?
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    Would her parents consider moving to your house and live out their days with you?
    Good luck on your tough decision.
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    That would be the best option and we are talking about it but sadly, her dad is a hermit who has lived on his farm for years and refuses to leave.
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    That is a tough decision then.
    Have you totally bought into the idea that this is your problem to solve?
    Tough love may be the optimal solution.
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    Yes.. I want to get a feel for the possibilities first and once I have done all I can do to make a transfer happen, and say it doesn’t work, then we just have to put it in her parents and tell them if they want help, move here. But I don’t know what’s more possible, transferring or getting them to move here because both are going to be the hardest thing in the world.
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    Sounds like you have good skills and developing logical alternatives.
    Good luck on finding the optimal solution.
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    Did you tell her dad that ups is hiring?
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    Thank you
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    He is old lol. And he doesn’t necessarily need a job. He could move here without a hitch. He may have to sell his property but other than living there his entire life he has nothing else holding him there. But, he is very stubborn and refuses to do anything that might inconvenience him.
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    Throw the mom on a Greyhound down to Texas & let the old fart rot on his farm
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    You must not know anything about Alzheimer’s. For one, good luck getting anyone with that disease to the bus stop on their own. Secondly, say she did make it to the bus stop, she wouldn’t remember where she’s going within 5 minutes of leaving and would more than likely forget to get back on the bus the first time they stop for a break. Thirdly, this move would be a great way to make her dad hate her which if she didn’t like her dad wouldn’t be so bad. However, as stubborn as he may be, she still loves him and this whole idea is not an option and not useful in any way.
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    Copy that .. good luck
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    Sorry to hear your predicament, medical transfers are hard to get from my knowledge. My wife looked into it for our daughter being autistic and recieving care, my best advice would be to stay put. If someone needs help point a social worker to help point them in the right direction. My grandfather has dementia and has a social worker that helped place him in a care facility. If that's not a option then I would again offer them to stay with you, good luck I hope it works out for you and your family.
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    Thank you!
  17. walk the jewels

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    Have them come visit you... and don't let them leave.

    (insert evil laugh here)
  18. Wally

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    Mom and Dad move to TX? Problem solved. They won't move? Too bad, you are moving.
  19. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    UPS doesn't have to accommodate changes in your family life.
    You won't be able to transfer for this reason.
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    I've never heard of a medical transfer, for an hourly employee.

    Maybe management ?

    You would have to resign, and be hired at the new location.... providing there is

    an opening. And yes, you would be an "off the street hire".

    Your best bet, would be to talk with HR and try and facilitate it that way.

    First thing HR will do is talk with your local management and find out what

    type of an employee you have been. They aren't going to accommodate a

    problem child by helping them go to the front of the line at a new location.