Men in ski masks target UPS driver in Lakewood robbery

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    Men in ski masks target UPS driver in Lakewood robbery - Advocate

    Armed robbers held two UPS workers at gunpoint Monday evening in a Lakewood neighbor’s front lawn.

    The robbery happened at 7:20 p.m. near Pasadena Avenue and West Shore Drive, neighbor Mark Cannon posted on Nextdoor.

    The driver and his assistant had just made a delivery at Cannon’s house when two men wearing black ski masks approached them. The robbers forced the employees onto their stomachs in the front yard and pointed guns at their heads, Cannon said.
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    No need for the gun pointing, armed robbers. If I see a gun you can take whatever you want. It’s all just cardboard to me.
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    They can have the whole truck for all I care. In fact, I'll insist, and even instruct them how to use the fob.
  5. rod

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    What's with all these "helpers" still on board? Are you guys that helpless now days?
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    It's not the 15th yet, some areas are still swamped

    Glad the driver & the assistant were ok
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    Oh, totally. If you pee your pants and suck your thumb at PCM my center manager will offer a helper for the day who handles all those over 70s you never had to deliver. LOL
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    I had an Iron Works and 3 farm implement dealers on my route. I did my share of over 70's----but I never peed my pants and sucked off my manager like it sounds like you do now. :-).
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    You don't even need a gun. Just come up to me and say "give me your stuff" and I'll gladly hand over UPS insured products.
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    they'll probably fire the driver for not getting the big picture