Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Doc Sorting Dude, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Doc Sorting Dude

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    Well, goodbye W700 and hello Sprinter. Just got my new ride last week. Takes a little getting used to. Hit my head on the backup cam, got nailed in the ribs by the shelves. Great air cond (probably heater too). Having to stop while backing up to a dock and opening doors is a time killer. I've already had to tell dispatch about getting bulked out halfway through my pickups. Any of you out there been driving these for awhile? Can't seem to deliver as fast as when using a W 700 with the passenger door locked open.
  2. Express Courier

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    It takes some getting used to. The different key for the bulkhead :censored2: me off so I just took that key off the ring and put it in the keyhole permanently. The side door can be a pain in the ass too but you get used to it. I use the keyless entry a lot. Turn radius SUCKS. Power windows are awesome.
  3. zapmail

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    Ya..they suck..I'm 6'1 225...they are not kind to people of my stature.
  4. Does anyone know how much a Mercedes Benz sprinter cost?? I can't imagine it's cheap. Great time for Express to be buying new trucks... If most other stations are like the ones I've been at They'll be pieces of sh** just like the older vehicles soon enough. Lack of proper maintenance is a problem in my district.
  5. MrFedEx

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    They are crap.
  6. menotyou

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    The 2012 Sprinter Van. Built to Work Smarter.
  7. Also..SPH will suffer. Sprinters aren't built to be worked out of as quickly as a W700. Will your route goals be changed to reflect your new vehicle's limitations? Absolutely not.
  8. Goldilocks

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    Ohhh, you poor thing. Yep you will get a few knocks on your head, thats for sure. I'm 5'6" 115 lbs and I still knock my head on that dang camara. Also got my foot caught in the door. It takes time but what I do like is the AC and the Zip it has getting on a highway....Good Luck...
  9. Express Courier

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    Not sure of the initial cost but our mechanics have been really on top of all the ones we have. I think we have really good mechanics though.
  10. We've got oil leaks, unbalanced re-treads, roof leaks, broken heaters, trucks with body damage, Trucks with bad brakes. You name it..we've got it.
  11. Rhoderunner

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    $ 42000+ sticker......our mechanics showed us the window sticker of one


    Honestly, how much money do they save with this act of supreme cheapness? The cost of the damage to the vehicles with unbalanced tires definitely outweighs the cost of the balancing.
  13. 55+

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    Easy does it with the side.door.or it will literally fall off
  14. MrFedEx

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    Just another example of a poor decision by upper invest in a fleet of Sprinters. When we got the first generation models, they were so bad that the station had to be within 25 miles of an authorized Freightliner/Dodge/Sprinter dealer. Besides the many problems mentioned already, how about high-speed stability when there is a crosswind and/or highway grooves or heavy wear patterns in the pavement? Sprinters bob and weave like Ali, except it's not a good thing when you're driving.

    They are pure crap. Expensive crap...but still crap.
  15. HomeDelivery

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    it's been talked about in the following thread a few weeks ago...

    i thought the company was also going to get those "plastic" isuzu reach stepvans as well <shrugs> but the sticker price on those are way more than the sprinters or the utilimaster body-Ford cutaway vehicles...
  16. I had a really nice W700 a few years ago. Keyless entry, back up camera, sonar sensor, no scratches, clean interior. It was overall a very nice vehicle. Mechanic put "new" tires on it one time. Didn't balance them.. Or did and just didn't do it correctly. Anyways, long story short. The constant shaking eventually ruined the mirrors, the backup cam, shook the keyless entry sensors apart. Ended up having a rear blow out so severe that it tore the exhaust pipe off.
  17. MrFedEx

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    Your fault. Write yourself up.
  18. whenIgetthere

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    I'll never forget the day I returned from a route with really bad brakes, so I wrote the truck up and left it in front of the mechanics bays. After checking out, realized I'd forgotten my jacket and went back to get it, but a PM courier had already taken the truck and left, even though I had written it up! Lack of trucks has always been a problem here, but that truck was plain dangerous.
  19. check6ii

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    THEY ARE MADE BY FIAT. AND HAVE A M BENZ emblem on it. total p.o.s...........give em time. Youll see. Mechs hate em. Electrical nightmares.

    ac rocks tho. 42K a/c unit lol
  20. Doc Sorting Dude

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    I hear you man on that turning radius. You used to make the turn around in a cul-de-sac with the 700 no problem, now....anybody mentioned the 12 volt hookup under the "pull out ashtray? Great to plug your phone or radio in.