Merry Christmas to you all..and with that being said


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I don't get it.
Bring what home?
When I started working for this company we had our own language Bring it home just means u done? Bring it back to the building my supervisor use to say that to the drivers after they notified the office that they were all done for the day it was either bring it home or i need u to cover a pick up big guy b4 u come in. We used terms like “kick it in the ass” Do it to it “that meant go out there and knock it out we would hype ourselves up Those were good times u can joke with people like that. Today u say something like that and a complaint will be filed against u todays world suck i miss the Ninetys. I had fun on this job that’s why i made it to 26years “You gotta love it”


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Merry Christmas Y'all



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Happy Festivus!

I don't get the mouse reference; Wut I miss??

PS: I wasn't joking about the OP... since when do we call residential stops "retail"???

business stops as "wholesale"???



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