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    While I understand the great need to measure things in a business, I believe that the measurement has become the the actual end game instead of winning against the competition. We have become so obsessed with ourselves and our yard stick that what it actually represents is in question.

    Take the customer satisfaction index that I keep hearing our management posters we are doing better than ever before in the customers eyes.

    As a customer, and as a former driver who still has his ears to the rail, I dont buy it.

    I have never ever been so dissatisfied with the deliveries and the attitude of management on the delivery schedule.

    What used to be a 11-1130 delivery daily will now vary from 1130 to 430. There is no planning for when packages will arrive. Pumps that used to be here in 3-4 days now take a week at least.

    Hell, there was a filter system that came in FDX freight in two days, and the pump company down the street sent the pump that took 5 days getting here.

    And in the area I am in, a lot of businesses that are near the airport, the song is the same. Cut the runs, and the delivery times for the whole area changes.

    And I am to believe that customer satisfaction is at an all time high?

    I wanna know, who is in charge of the satisfaction survey, and how much does ups pay them?

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    We no longer service the customer, we only service the metric.

    SPORH and stops per car are the only two things that really matter. Everything else gets lip service.