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    So I started 2 a half weeks ago from and have worked a total of 7 days. Today is Wednesday and I was just sent home yet again. I haven't worked since last Thursday. I thought I was suppose to be on my own after my 3rd day with the supe but I've only been a helper. To make matters worse because my id number was inaccurate which caused my first non training check to arrive about a week late.Then I finally get my check and it's 11 hours short!! How am I going to make 40 days in 60 days when they keep sending me home? I feel like a Mexican day laborer waitng for work except they are probably getting more work than me at this point. Thoughts?
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    That'll show 'em.
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    Did you get hired as a seasonal package car driver?
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    full time car driver
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    Just wondering because most places only have seasonal package car drivers this time of year
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    "UPS is accepting applications for temporary, seasonal full-time Package Delivery Drivers."

    Sure you didn't see "seasonal" anywhere? The "full time" text is always there.
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    Day labor here where I am gets $125 a day plus you getting that?
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    A bag of Fritos (see what I did there) is not lunch.