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  1. mattwtrs

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    We all have known our share of milkers or have been one ourself. What were some of the more unique things that have been done to stay of the radar at times??
  2. Fnix

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    I've never stayed off radar. I want management to notice my work.
  3. freeloader

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    While in TSG (tech support group), we were required to account for all of our activities and the goals were very unrealistic (at least in my opinion). So you basically could take two paths:

    (Honest way) Report your actual numbers, look under-utilized, and face the wrath of management every day.

    (Not-so-honest way) Fluff your numbers (often encouraged by management), look sufficiently utilized, and get praised by management every day.

    In case it's not obvious enough, the second path would keep you off of management's radar.
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    [​IMG] What does this have to do with UPS ?
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    Udderly ridiculous !!!! :happy-very:
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    Beat me to it! :)
  7. mattwtrs

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    I should have known something to do with the dairy industry would have been brought up with the thread title. By the way my center delivered to a lot of farms so I got a TSG person to add milkhouse to the delivery location on the 2nd screen of DR options.
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    I dont stay off the radar, i go and find the management and ask them what needs to be done b/c people wanna go home (except for me and cpl others). Whether is helping the train drivers load their trains, throwing metals into the trailers, helping sort the missorts that couldnt be dumped back to the primary to their right PDs (generally a pain in 2 of the 7 PDs).

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    You do understand thats not considered milking the clock ?
    As a senior employee, you have the right to bump a junior
    You're just doing your job
    Its easy work and easy OT to have seniority (to a degree):bigsmile2:

    A guy milking would be a guy preloading 3 cars and always having piles of work pulled from cages and belts around him (Thats someone who gets OJS'd)


    A driver whose stop count max is 100 but is gonna be over 10 if you dont grab 10 stops off him because he has 101 but comes in a minute before 10 hours anyways (Thats someone who gets the 300 plus methods explained to him by a passenger supervisor)
  10. magoo57

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    The correct phrase is not 'milking the clock'. The persons who do this are to designated.....'clock suckers'.
    And our safety tip for today..'use your knees'.
    That is our PCM for today.
  11. brownmonster

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    If you have a 3 legged stool in your truck you are a milkman. Milkers are the smart ones. You can tell who they are because they talk about how hard they work. You know, the guy with the furniture route. A cover driver runs the route and sleeps for 2 hours.
  12. feeder53

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    I do not try and milk the system, I always try to find a sup or one of the yardmen to be productive. I get too bored just sitting around. I work feeders and I would rather do yardwork than sit in my tractor.
  13. The only MILKERS I have ever seen are the UNION STEWARDS-oh that's right!-cake routes-
    great loads, easy pickens, and special favors...makes me ill.
  14. wornoutupser

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    Dude, you dont know my steward, he has the biggest target of all on his back! No favors there!
  15. UPS Lifer

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    The best way to go under the UPS radar is to RETIRE!!!

  16. satellitedriver

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    Give me a paper cut and put lemon juice on it, Lifer.( Ha, Ha!!)
    Retiring to Sedona, AZ. would fulfill my wildest dreams.
    I backpacked through there in 1972 on the way down from the Grand Canyon and fell in love with the area. I talked about Sedona so much with my future wife, through our courtship, that we ended up spending a night of our honeymoon in a tent in Oak Creek Canyon. The year was 1978.
    We went back in !985 and stayed at "lomacasi" (I think I got the spelling right) cabins. It was the time of the crystal/ moonbeam/ vortex freaks selling their wares.
    Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up and I would like to do something special.
    I can only assume the Sedona area has exploded with development and I have not investigated where we might stay for our 30th honeymoon.(It ain't gonna be a tent this time,though)
    If you have any suggestions on a nice/ relaxing /comfortable place to spend our 30th in Sedona, I would truly appreciate it.
    Sorry if I have high jacked this thread, but I think it would be a cool surprise to wisk (sp)my wife away back to where we started.
  17. UPS Lifer

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    My first recommendation would be to spend a night or two at the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon.... The resort is located in a sacred Indian spot at the back of the canyon. This is where I fell in love with Sedona. Another wonderful resort that sits on Oak Creek in uptown is L'Auberge. There is a Hyatt timeshare location right in uptown that is very convenient and Los Abrigados is a full spa and resort within walking distance to uptown. Enchantment and L'Auberge are pricey but worth it. The Hyatt and Los Abrigados are easier on the pocket book.
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    I can't think of a more pleasant way to hijack a thread than with the word retirement and then the imagery of that retirement.

  19. satellitedriver

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    Thanks, I will check them out.
    The Enchantment Resort sounds good. I remember hiking back into Boynton Canyon and the area had the feeling of being sacred. (actually the whole area did)
    Also, I remember there were great places to get echo effects in the canyon. That was a way I use to keep myself amused while hiking alone.
    I just hope they haven't paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
    Do they still let you climb Bell Rock?
    I think I still have the ability to climb and the view was great up there.
    Thanks again.
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    Dude, buy a nice feather-down pillow, change the sat-radio to smooth blues or country station and catch a few ZZZZzzzz's. When your waiting on a late airplane or train what else is there to do.:peaceful: