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Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by gator 69, Apr 30, 2012.

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    i know of couple people who have blown trailers and air retain trailers who have received no repercussions for doing so. i have recently been blamed for missing a 49 piece air bag that supposedly i missed, my pt sup missed, another pt sup missed, and a final walk off with 17 other pt sups missed and have been sat down and told i will not be recommended to receive my mip for 2013. although i received a 2.5% raise this year for being i guess a "horrible supervisor" i do know of many instances where other supervisors have blown loads do to blantlently not checking every trailer when performing yard check or walk offs. i also know that the consequences were not as severe as mine. they did not lose their mip. instead all they had to do was to give a write up as to what happened. maybe if i was white that would be the worse that would happen to me.
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    Or maybe they owned up to their mistake instead of blaming everyone else?
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    Or make sure YOU are the one sup, regardless of color, to not F-up.
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    UPS forgets. You will get your MIP. Take ownership for your mistake and learn from it.
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    In my own limited experience, UPS rarely forgets when it is in their interest not to .. the paper trail is so long, it's comical sometimes.

    Although, I agree with the latter part, obviously.