misinformed part timers.

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    not sure how or why so many part timers are mis-informed. from my understanding we are
    owed only a $.70cent since august with backpay. i have had at least 4 part timers 2 with more seniority tell me they believe we are owed 2 raises and they also believe only new hires are gonna get 1 raise per yer and they(guys with 10 years) will still get 2 raises per year. i tried
    explaining but they look at me like if im trying to bs them then they tell me they are right so i should just wait and see. should i just print out the new contract raises and show it to them?
    anyone else know how i should explain this to them?
    im not a shop steward or anything but i do like to read up on these things.
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    because we are owed 2 raises. if you have your 30 day seniority before aug 1st, you are owed the aug 1st first raise. Then on your hire date, your new wage after the +0.70 is compared with where you should be in the new progession, and if you are making less you will be bumped to the corresponding wage in the progression. eg, they owe me the 0.70 for the Aug 1st raise, then starting on my hire anniversary, that will be bumped an additional 0.30 to get me to where i should be in the new progression payscale.
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    There is specific wording in the new contract about pters in progression but having acheived seniority before Aug 1st, 2013. it does not apply to pters already past their 4 years before Aug 1st, 2013 or pters acheiving their seniority after Aug 1st, 2013. As far as the pters out of progression getting split raises, the raise schedule is as follows and will apply to them as well as us.
    Aug 2013:0.70
    Aug 2014:0.70
    Aug 2015:0.70
    Aug 2016:0.40
    Feb 2017:0.40
    Aug 2017:0.50
    Feb 2018:0.50
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    Some people can't be helped....
    No matter how clearly you explain it, they're just not gonna get it.
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    Tell them they get nothing.