Moderator staff changes and upcoming website changes.

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    As some of you may have been aware we have had a few changes in the moderator staff lately. This is just a quick post to bring everyone up to date with the changes that have taken place over the past couple of weeks and some upcoming site changes. I'm honored, and saddened, to finally go through and announce these changes

    Joining the team as moderators are bbsam and barnyard. They have consistently proven themselves to be highly competent and active on the forums and will now be helping us with spam control, member questions, reported posts, etc.

    In addition I'm sorry to have to announce that Over9five has decided to retire. He will still be around, but he will no longer be acting as a moderator. On behalf of BrownCafe I'd like to thank him for his service.

    Finally a few website changes are being forced on us because one of the vendors that developed some software we have relied on here for several years has abandoned their business due to a family dispute. There have already been reports from other admins of possible security problems and since the software is no longer being patched by the developer this forces me to remove all of their resources from the site. This is going to be pretty disruptive for the next few days. It's also going to break links and remove a few resources, the most noticeable of which will be the entire likes system.

    Here's the video that was sent out by one of the family members involved in the vendor's family feud. It's gotten pretty weird...

    Dear Forum Community - vBSEO is Suspending Operations - YouTube
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    While I'm fumbling around breaking things over the next few days you may get so annoyed you just want to blow the whole website up. if you're using the full version of the site you can take out your frustrations by enjoying the low-tech fun of blasting away at elements of the website.

    How to Play

    To start the blaster click somewhere on a page and type on.

    Once started, here's how you play Browser Blaster.

    • Steer with the arrow keys.
    • Shoot with the spacebar.
    • Almost cleared the screen, but can't see what's left? Press and hold B key.
    • To turn it off press the esc key.
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    I am honored to accept my promotion.
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    Darn Cheryl, you let the cat outtah the bag! The truth is, I "retired" two weeks ago, and no-one's even noticed. Wanted to see how long it could go. Real observant members we got on BC!!!!

    While Cheryl's updating, I'd like to invite y'all ovah to MY new website Biggest difference beween BC and I ALLOW (and encourage) PORN!!!!

    ​P.S. Thanks for the kind words, Cheryl. It was an honor and a privilege to serve as a Brown Cafe Moderator.
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    Well I guess I don't have to kiss Ovahs ass anymore.
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    ....that is unless you want to ....
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    ..........good point
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    The LIKE button is gone :(
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    That Latin lady looks like she could be kinda hot is if she did herself up a little.
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    Rat's I hate change. Unless I find it on the ground.
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    I'm saddened to see Hoakster has NOT retired as moderator. :bow:
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    ​i got 5710... is that the max points?
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    9510......High Score!!
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    I am just kickin back, enjoying the mod lounge. Free wings on Fridays, thanks Cheryl, did not know about that when I said, "yes" and I really appreciate it.
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    I put that "Did you find this post helpful" app back up. I know it's not perfect, but it's the best replacement I've been able to find for a like button that keeps the votes on our site only and doesn't connect to facebook etc.
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    Was my thought also. We do agree on somethings. Hope maybe ',-)
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    How the heck am I supposed to cash in all my points now? I'm not charming and witty just for the freakin fun of it. :angry:
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    I can't get more than 16230 on page 1 of this thread. 10 posts per page.