Momentum Logistics(really UPS?)

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    Dose anyone out there know the true story about a small shipping company called monentum Logistics? This company makes deliverys like UPS, has the exact same delivery notices as UPS, same label set up as UPS( there labels scan with UPS DIADS), works out of old UPS buildings on land that UPS still owns, and employess are made up of old UPS management. Rumor was was that our buddy Mike Eskew once ran it, and that it was a dummy company set up to handle packages if there was a strike. Teamsters were on this but once the contract was settled never heard about it? If you are a driver have you noticed you don't deliver much bulk paper anymore? thats because it is all on Momentum Logistics trucks. If you have any info let me know.
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    Momentum is owned by R.R. Donnelly - Momentum uses the post office as part of its operating plan.

    R.R. Donnelley Acquires Momentum Logistics
    March 6, 2003 -- "R.R. Donnelley (NYSE: DNY) announced today that it has acquired Momentum Logistics, Inc. (MLI) a Florida-based provider of package distribution services in the Southeastern United States, for approximately $17 million. MLI's revenues were approximately $60 million in 2002. 'This investment strengthens our logistics capabilities and supports R.R. Donnelley's strategy to grow high-return businesses,' said William L. Davis, chairman, president and chief executive officer of R.R. Donnelley. 'We continue to expand our suite of services to create additional value for our customers.' MLI operates sortation facilities and a dedicated fleet of vehicles to provide business-to-business and business-to-consumer package distribution services. In the business-to-consumer segment, MLI leverages the United States Postal Service (USPS) for last mile delivery to the home. By reaching over 1,000 local post offices each day, MLI has established itself as the premier delivery service provider in the Southeast. The acquisition gives R.R. Donnelley Logistics direct access to hundreds of local entry points in the USPS network in the Southeast. The investment improves capabilities and enables further growth in package logistics, and improves the efficiency and control of print shipments for R.R. Donnelley's print customers. 'R.R. Donnelley Logistics is positioned well for profitable growth in 2003,' said John Campanelli, president of R.R. Donnelley Logistics. 'This acquisition and the York, PA SuperCenter opening later this year, together enhance our capabilities and improve the service offering we'll deliver to print and package customers.' As part of the R.R. Donnelley Logistics national network, current MLI customers will see improved nationwide delivery service, as well as additional offerings that are economical, reliable and easy to use. These offerings include more predictable delivery schedules to local post offices across the country and end-to-end package tracking, offered in conjunction with the USPS." (Source: R.R. Donnelley/PR Newswire)
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    Tieguy is lying muncher. There are actual pictures of Momentum vehicles and when you see the picture you'll realize the true evil of the conspiracy at Glenlake aka Groom Lake. Eskew's special project was Codename:Area 51.

    The Truth is out there!
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    dang busted again.
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    dear tieguy(or should I say UPS corprete lackie!) all you typing still dosn't explain why UPS diads can scam momentum packages?
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    I'm sorry munchie I don't know much more about them then that and I'm no expert on barcode scanning though it all appears to be pretty standard. If you are capable of doing a google search then do so with momentum logistics as the search. you will find that I didn't type more than one line and that the information below is an actual news clip. You (teamster lackie) will also find that momentum employees are teamsters.
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    In fact if you call teamsters local 385 they should be able to tell you all about them. I sure hope this doesn't ruin your conspiracy theory I can see its real important to you to come up with something.
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    It's amazing the things you see once your senses are activated.

    Just this evening I saw a Momentum Logistics truck driving on US 50 in Clermont, Florida while going to dinner with my wife. The driver was in dark color shorts and shirt (couldn't see the exact color) very much resembling UPS. I could see how one could suspect a conspriacy! Thanks tieguy for the info on this company.
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    How about this nail in the Momentum conspiracy coffin?
    UPS OWNS the 1Z barcode lock stock and barrel, yet they refuse to prosecute Momentum for using the product illegally. I can not imagine UPS not going after easy cash like that!
    Also, our local Momentum driver, when asked, looked at me and said "of course UPS owns us".
    Can anyone explain this?
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    well of course UPS won't explain it, they can't because momentum logistics is UPS! and UPS managment talks about honesty in business? all this lying so ups can avoid paying good wages, and create less full time jobs.
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    Where in the hell is my tin foil hat when I need it?
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    "UPS OWNS the 1Z barcode lock stock and barrel, yet they refuse to prosecute Momentum for using the product illegally. I can not imagine UPS not going after easy cash like that!
    Also, our local Momentum driver, when asked, looked at me and said "of course UPS owns us".
    Can anyone explain this?"

    Okay if you can explain this. The other day I saw a flying saucer in the sky and yet the air force did not scramble any fighter jets to intercept this flying spaceship. When I asked the alien driver of the spaceship if he was controlled by the CIA he said of course I work for the cia. My name is agent loktar. Welll <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> folks there you go its official now I gave you some information that clearly proves there are in fact aliens flying around. Therefore no need to call that local I listed or do your own google search to see the article I posted was legit. Nope much easier for But Munchie to sit on here and call anyone that disagrees a corporate lackie then to actually do the homework.
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    Since your clearly struggling with doing your own research I'll even make it easy for you. Below I will post the leadership information for teamsters local 385 including phone numbers. This should make it real easy for even Munchie to make the phone calls. As you go through the list notice how many ups operations are represented by local 385. Sure looks like this local would know if we were doing anything shady.

    Officers contact information


    For general questions and information or email us

    Teamsters Local Union No. 385 East Coast Office
    126 North Kirkman Road 2090 South Nova Rd Unit B-209
    Orlando, FL 32811 South Daytona, FL 32119
    Tel (407) 298-7037 Tel (904) 788-3872
    Fax (407) 297-9097 Fax (904) 788-4750

    For information related to your specific company, please contact the following agents:

    Mike Stapleton - President

    United Parcel Service Clay Jeffries Secretary - Treasurer

    NUI City Gas,
    Movies &amp; Commercials
    UPS- Cocoa
    UPS- Daytona
    UPS- Gainesville
    UPS- Lake City
    UPS- Leesburg
    UPS- Ocala
    UPS- St. Augustine

    Gary Brown - Vice President

    ABF Freight Systems
    Allied Systems
    Crystal Springs Water
    Howard Fertilizer
    Jack Hood Transportation
    Martin Brower
    National Linen
    Roadway Express
    Yellow Freight Systems
    Spike Coskey - Trustee

    Avis Rent-A-Car
    Bradco Supply
    Budget Rent-A-Car
    Buena Vista Construction
    Gate Safe
    Hertz Rent-A-Car
    Penske Leasing
    Sealy Mattress
    Walt Disney World (Craft Maintenance)

    Donna-Lynne Dalton - Recording-Secretary

    Chef De France
    Dolphin Hotel
    Swan Hotel
    Walt Disney World (Characters, Laundry,
    Ft. Wilderness, Ranch)
    Jeff Candage - Trustee

    Daytona Beach Police
    Deland Police
    Longwood Police
    New Smyrna Beach Police
    Volusia County Corrections
    Votran Buses

    Walt Howard - Business Agent

    Freeman Decorating
    Walt Disney World (Buses)
    Dave Concannon - Business Agent

    Trailer Conditioners Inc.
    UPS- Orlando
    UPS- Longwood

    Roger Allain - Organizer


    Copyright 2003 - Local 385 Teamsters

    126 North Kirkman Road
    Orlando, FL 32811
    (407) 298-7037 TEL
    (407) 297-9097 FAX
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    Speaking of RR Donnelley &amp; Sons I'm surprised to never see their names mentioned as competition in logisitcs. Donnelley has not only a huge presence in the printing industry, they use to print the bulk of Time, Sports Illustrated and People magazines but they are involved in the transportation and logisitics. Back in the 70's I worked for a printing company that printed the SE USA and Latin Americas Time, SI and People and Donnelley was a bohemeth. Donnelley has had a long relationship with the USPS so don't sell these guys short in the global market of logisitcs and supply chain solutions. While we're so focused on FedEx, DHL and the German Postal service Donnelley could setup and sucker punch us and we never see it coming. The one good aspect is that at least in the 70's, the Teamsters controlled the Donnelley print empire and I assume this to still be the case. Don't know about the various logistics services provided however. Here's a link to Donnelley's website and I saw no mention of Momentum but the article Tie posted seems to clear up any UPS connection.
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    tieguy: your Local 385 post missed one thing - Momentum Logistics! I read it several times, but Momentum was not one of the companies listed.

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    Agreed . But my google search did show that momentum was organized by teamsters local 385. Since this local represents most of central florida it does look like its in the right spot.
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    Just when I thought I could learn no more at Brown Cafe, I discover that UFOs are indeed controlled by the CIA! Thanks, Tie!
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    My pleasure 9/5.

    Muncher can we count on you to come back and brief us on what you found out about momentum?