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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Phlipper, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Phlipper

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    Was told day from another supervisor in an extended center that the company will be consolidating down to 3 regions (not counting CACH and Worldport) and 26 Districts.

    He says this was told to him during his MIP presentation with the District Manager. Being an on-road supervisor not really a big deal for him but I am in a staff support function (Not IE) and this is serious. Anybody else hearing anything or is it just more rumors?

    From what he said: No more Alabama, One Carolina District, One Florida District. This was all he new about.
  2. sosocal

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    I hear 3 regions and 30 Districts ---But yes-- It is going down I beleive
  3. wornoutupser

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    I have also heard that Florida is being reduced. I live and work here!
  4. pemanager

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    There are a number of rumors and much speculation, as there was last year, on consolidations but that is all they are. I can almost guarantee that a District Manager would not divulge confidential information at a MIP presentation.

    May, or may not, set your mind at ease, but if rumors and speculation come to pass most of the impact will likely be at Grade 18 level and higher. (including Grade 20s just for Airbusfxr)
  5. Phlipper

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    Had my MIP meeting today and DM said the rumor he heard was 3 regions and 24 districts. Seems a little off the DM would be saying this is the rumor he heard.

    Oh well, will just see where life takes me. Maybe with only 24 districts and 3 regions we get a raise. Oh wait, "We have a 2% planned increase in next years Business Plan for mgmt......" really? 2%? What did my health care increase by? How many more hours do I have to work because "region wont approve the promotion" into the open supervisor spot in my department.
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    You need a UNION!!!
  7. Old International

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    I have heard on the feeder news network that West Carolina is going away( All to be combined into "Carolina"). This will also get the northern/eastern edge of Georgia( Augusta, Savannah, Warrenton, and I would guess Statesboro, Swiansboro, and up the Savannah river.