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    I saw a thread to Jack in another area of BC but didn't want to post items that are more political/idealogical in nature and potentially turn that area in something it was not intended to be. Sorry for in effect a duplicate thread but I just felt the dog and cat figthing should stay confinded to a single pen. Hope the mods don't mind that instead of fighting fires at multiple locations, I just wanted to limit it to one house instead of the whole neighborhood.

    That's said, Mises had a very nice tribute to Jack and to be fair it wasn't all glowing but there were a lot of areas of respect as well. In a sense, it was Jack who put Jude Wanniski, who coined the term "supply side economics" on the map so to speak and even though many Austrian/Anarcho-Capitalist/Libertarian/paleo-cons types opposed supply side over the premise that increasing revenues to gov't leads to limited gov't or even better gov't was false (among other things), like Jack, Jude who himself sadly passed away in 2005' was not without listened to voice amongst those same radical economic types.

    Both Jude and Jack opposed the War in Iraq, which probably fueled their expulsion to the rear and even off the republican bus. Jude even publically supported Kerry in 2004' because of the war/imperialism and in spite of economic differences. I could only imagine what Jack, who was known to publically and proudly display works of Mises and Hayek in his office must have thought of the last 8 years in relation to just economic policy alone. Where Newt was a political manipulator wearing the title of conservative, Jack was a leader and walked the walk.

    Jack wasn't perfect (who is) but I'd quickly concede the point that had more of his ideas been followed, it wouldn't be perfect in my book but I could sure live with it. It's ashame the republican party jettisoned the conservatism of Jack Kemp and adopted the Trotskyism that once permeated the democrat party. Maybe Jack can smile knowing there are signs that this element is going back home to it's Scoop Jackson roots after destroying where it was allowed to live for the last nearly 30 years. I'll feel more positive when much of the senate shifts across the isle or is replaced by a new but familar breed and the same for the House.

    RIP Jack.

    post and thread inspired by Hoax. Yep I'm blaming you for this!