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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by rushfan, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. rushfan

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    Two of my favorite shows are Monster Garage, and that Orange County Chopper show (sorry forgot the name). Both shows are highly rated. Jessie mentioned something about waiting for parts off the brown truck. The other show, they open boxes with ups labels.

    How about we make some deal with the show producers in each episode showing the driver making the delivery.

    In my humble opinion, the ups advertising dept needs to look at doing alot more product placement in shows like the two I mentioned.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. feederdryver

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    I think Atlanta should give Jessie a P600 and have him and his crew strip it out and drop a scoolbus motor in it and a grappling arm that puts the packages on the doorstep instead of the driver. As Jessie would say.. " we can do this, I don't give a sh** how you guys do it, but just get it done.. alright? and don't piss me off, you wouldn't like me if I was pissed off.. ok?"..

    I love that show. I think the Orange County show is called American Choppers?? Not sure, but that's a cool show too. I like the episode where they built that NY Fire Dept bike...
    I'd hate to get that dude mad at me..

    LOL !!
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    American Chopper

    Paul Sr. reminds me of some sups I've worked for! LOL!

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  4. rushfan

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    yah that nyfd bike was cool-especially the wheels.

    I would say why I watch American choppers is to watch paul sr. gets mad at paul jr.
  5. feederdryver

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    yeah especially when Paul Jr. looked like he was gonna cry that one morning when his dad walked in
    and started going off on him about that NYFD bike..
    His other son is funny too..(the one with the crazy hair).. I like when he laughs at Paul Jr. getting yelled at by Paul Sr.

    How about that oversized headlight Paul Sr. got for that bike..
  6. wkmac

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    They build some awesome bikes but I liked the Cody Project best. That Pagan Green color scheme (not a fan of green in the first place) was just awesome and you have to know that giving Cody the chance to build that bike, then ride it and go down to Daytona may have had a real positive lifelong effect for that kid.

    I wonder sometimes if Paul Sr. is so anal towards Jr. because Jr. has a more creative mind than he does and he knows it? It also could be Sr. knows the vast potential of Jr. and he rides his case to keep him on his toes. No matter what, they're a riot to watch.

    As for Jesse, go back a couple of years and check out the bike "Diablo" that he built. Awesome! Maybe Jesse could install a cannon in the Package Car to shoot the packages up to the house. Don't let IE know because when they realize the cost savings verses driver drop off at door they'll go for it! Anything for an extra nickle!
  7. tieguy

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    I thought converting the hot dog cart into a dragster was awesome. Especially when they stuck some dogs in the pipes and fired up the engines.