Motorcylist body cut in half

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    When I see articles like this, or the tragedy in New York where 5 teenage girls were killed in a crash, I share this with my grandkids. Although they are only 13 and 10, I don't think it's ever too early to talk to them about safety and responsiblity.

    Motorcyclist Killed On Lake Shore Drive

    CBS) CHICAGO The body of a 33-year-old motorcyclist was cut in half early Friday after he lost control of the sport bike he was driving at “an extremely high rate of speed” and struck a median and tree on North Lake Shore Drive in the Lakeview neighborhood.

    Robert Vokaten of 825 W. Leland Ave. was dead at the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. The crash occurred at 3740 N. Lake Shore Dr., according to the medical examiner’s office.

    Vokaten was driving the Honda sport bike at an “extremely high rate of speed,” northbound on Lake Shore Drive just before 3 a.m. when he lost control and crashed into a concrete median, slicing his body in half, according to police Major Accident Investigator Sharon Norway.

    Vokaten’s upper torso was found in the southbound lanes, according to the investigator. After his body was ejected, the bike continued on the concrete median 894 feet before coming to rest, according to the investigator.

    A witness who was in the third lane from the east side of Lake Shore Drive said “two cars flew by her at a high rate of speed and then the motorcycle followed suit,’’ Norway said. “I don’t know whether he [Vokaten] was trying to race them or catch up with them." The motorcycle was traveling in the inside lane and after it hit the median, the witness said she saw sparks fly off the bike.

    Vokaten was married, according to Norway, who did not know where he was going when the accident happened.

    After Vokaten was ejected from the motorcycle, he struck a tree and landed in the southbound lanes, according to a report from the police First Deputy Superintendent’s Office. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

    Because of the crash, police shut down all the southbound lanes as the body was removed and investigators came to the scene, and the northbound lanes were also shut down at Recreation Drive near Addison Street. The Drive was not fully reopened until 5:45 a.m.
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    Whats this chan? the national enquirer?
    I know its sad and horrible and stuff but
    was he sliced diagonally or vertically?
    Are you are trying to say that racing a motorcycle
    at 3 in the morning drunk is a safety hazard?
    the headline should've read
    stupid is as stupid does:sad:
    I guess my real point is
    bad name for a thread
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    You can be the safest person on earth and still be vulnerable on a motrocycle. The 5 seeing habits can only protect you so much when you're unprotected on a bike.

    The first time I really learned about death was about 10 years ago. My buddy was riding his bike slowly in traffic when some idiot (with his girl on the back) :mad:on another bike crossed the center line at over 100 MPH and into my friend. The bikes burst into flames and all 3 died and my friend's family was forced to have a closed casket at the wake.

    My heart goes out to the family of the rider, but I have no sympathy for the rider himself for taking the life of 2 young people so recklessly. I've never understood the need to go so fast and push the envelope when innocent lives are at stake.

    If you want to play Evil-Kinevil and do these stunts on a closed course where only YOUR life is at stake, then you have my blessing.
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    I have known a few people who have been killed on street bikes. I used to love motorcycles, I raced motocross and enduros when I was younger. I never got into the street much though, not worth the risk to me. I have known several people who were killed when a car pulled out in front of them. I also knew three people killed on four-wheelers who flipped them with no helmet on. I still consider myself a "thrillseeker", I still rock climb, surf, backpack, just about anything outdoors. People who do 100+ on a street bike are out of their limits and are usually fools. Most public roads aren't designed for those type of speeds.

    PS, I'm on vacation in Hawaii right now, which is evidently a "no helmet" state. You can rent yourself a Harley and drive around trying to look cool. My wife used to work in an Emergency Room and I have been hearing that old line about "Donorcycles" for a long time. To you guys on street bikes, I hope you take your UPS Safe Driving Techniques home with you when you walk out the gate. Those "Five Seeing Habits" will make a lot of difference personally when you are on a bike instead of in a large commercial vehicle.
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    Scratch....have you also noticed there (Hawaii), the number of people riding in the back of the pick-up trucks, on the FREEWAY ?? Scary.
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    Re: Motorcyclist body cut in half

    Thats one of the first things I noticed when we left the airport. Thats supposed to be illegal where I am from. I was reminded of the illegal aliens getting around back home. I also almost got hit by a guy on a bike weaving in and out of traffic, if I hadn't of saw him and hit my brakes, he would have hit the front of my SUV.

    PS, Thanks for the shopping tips. I found the Safeway and got a Zip-pac at Zippys. Yesterday we went up to the North Shore, swam under the waterfall in Waimea Valley, picnicked at Sunset Beach, and got a Dole Whip Pineapple ice cream on the way home. And thats my travelogue for today.:tongue_sm
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    LOVE the pineapple ice cream waffle cones. I always plan several trips to Dole just for that purpose......get my souveniers there too for the neighbors.....then I run before the big busses of Japanese tourists pull in!! :)

    Don't forget to hit the shrimp wagons on that N. side.
  8. I actually was leaving a friend's party that night and saw this. So weird. He was face-down and cut horizontally. Right about at the hip. His hat, clothes and body parts were scattered. I could actually see his spine and the flesh around it. I was in a cab and got there before they even put a blanket on him. Just saw this. FYI....

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Re: Motorcyclist body cut in half

    Did you dive off the rock at Waimea Beach?? I did, you have to wait for a calm day and wait for a wave to come rolling in then.....BANZAI!!!!!!

    The "Zippy's" Restaurant is one of my favorite stops in Hawaii. I think I stop ped in there everyday on vacation...In the evening I would get "Saimin" noodles with teriyaki burger.......mmmm...mmmmm....good.
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    Zippy's is the bomb!! I got better meals there than we did at Outback.

    The teri beef is great!!

    Hamburger patty & eggs for b-fast.

    Gosh, it's hard to talk about teri-beef in a thread with this title....
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    Here's a true story of a cyclist who hit the rear of a Yellow/Roadway tractor-trailer at 120 MPH and imbedded himself in the rear door. He was dragged a mile. Disturbing pictures included. (May not be suitable for your grandkids.)

    Also, check out the entire Snopes site: