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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by herbigharo32, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Several weeks ago, I was removed from smalls to outbound. Today, I show up only to be told that I now work in PD7 . In my hub, PD7 is loading ground packages. This really reminds me the importance of not having all my eggs in one basket. There are several mistakes that 22.3 workers made that I learned from:

    Do not donate body parts to UPS. With the way I get treated, any chance of getting a cut of meat off of me is basically shot to hell. Several 22.3 workers told me stories about injuries they got prior to going full time.

    Don't quit your day job. Seriously man! The situation for me is I have an out. My optimism for UPS is rapidly fading. There is still hope though. But, if I need to, I can quit and obtain my benefits through main employer.

    The way the combo workers is being treated is apalling at best. I've both seen and heard the tricks that are being pulled on this people. I DO NOT LIKE WHAT I AM SEEING! This makes me really think twice about going full time.
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    I used to load for PD-3, it was tough but I got through it. I'm sure you can try to! BTW, what daysort hub are you at?
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    I can't understand why so many people have a beef with 22.3 I was laid off from the second part of my 22.3 job. The union stepped in and re-configured my job and some other folks in the same situation.
    My point is, the combo jobs are not all negative. That's all I see from folks who don't even have one. Sorry for the rant, but it gets old. :peaceful:
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    Yeah, if anything we are the "union auto workers" of UPS.
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    Must be in different parts of the country. I've never lost any hours from being laid off, there was always enough work and I got my 40 hour week.
  6. Scanthis

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    Sounds like you will only be happy if you are put back in small sort. Nothing wrong with loading a truck like so many of us have. Small sort is a country club!
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    Well I'm a member of a country club
    Country music is what I love
    I drive an old Ford pick-up truck
    I do my drink-in from a dixie cup
    Yea I'm a bona-fide dancin' fool
    I shoot a mighty mean game of pool
    At any honky-tonk roadside pub
    I'm a member of a country club
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    Country Club? It's hotter than hell up there right now. The hub I work at, smalls is located 40' above ground floor. Heat rises, hits the ceiling, things really start cooking.

    In fact, I am tempted to call in sick cause I know I will be sent up there at 7:30 cause people in small sorts always call out. But, na..... I would'nt wanna let the brown machine down.